6 Photography Trends You NEED To Try to Take Better Instagram Photos



On 15:35, 22 Feb 2006

This is a good idea. These are the articles we'll be able to get to faster.


On 15:40, 22 Feb 2006
Would this be better if everything was bold AND italic?


On 15:46, 22 Feb 2006

Fine, lets have a red box too Chris! Though I warred your table into a DIV tag that looks exactly the same but is much more ideal for the job.

Ooh, look! Little reply boxes!

Don't know if it needs to be bold and italic.


On 15:59, 22 Feb 2006

lol, Nate. I didn't mean to 'war' you into it :)

What do you think of it with the red box, though? I think its sort of neccessary to send a broadcast message on inappropriate articles...sort of "look at me, I don't follow the rules! look what I get!"



On 16:09, 22 Feb 2006
Will there be a way to notify admins of articles that get tagged "speedy"? Perhaps sending a message every time would be a little too intrusive. Maybe a section under special pages for the speedy tagged pages, similar to "nominations for deletion".


On 16:27, 22 Feb 2006

There's a Sub Category for it, under Pages Needing Attention.

Here's a link:


On 17:00, 22 Feb 2006

This looks good to me. Can we also add Koralcem's trash can logo to it? We have it on all the other nfd templates {{nfd|reason}} {{nfd date|reason|date}} and the simplified {{delete}} It would be good to be consistent from a UI perspective.


On 17:39, 22 Feb 2006
lol - I was originally going to do that. You ask as soon as we get the template the way we like! For Shame!!! :)

On 18:51, April 28, 2008


the category needs to be fix take off the | out of it

On 00:24, May 1, 2008


Shouldn't it be |a = {{unwanted}} ?

On 03:15, 3 May 2008


Nope. The idea is to provide help for the templates.


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2019 year - Templatetalk:Speedy pictures

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Templatetalk:Speedy photo

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photo Templatetalk:Speedy

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Watch Templatetalk:Speedy video

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