Silver sequin evening gowns 2018

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If the thought of shopping for gold dresses conjures images of King Midas or the Cave of Wonders full of dazzling jewels, you are only half right. If the look you are seeking includes bright, light catching gold beads and a dazzling aura, you will find exactly that when you choose a gold dress. However, gold has many hues, and if your desired look is more feminine and subdued, you can find this in a gold dress as well; Alyce 35577 balances a metallic top with a white skirt for a modern Grecian Goddess look. Do not discount gold as too flashy until you have seen all of the gold prom dresses available. You may surprise yourself!

A Dusting of Gold

Sometimes a hint of gold is all you want. If this is the case, seek out a gown or cocktail dress in satin or taffeta, with gold flecks in the fabric. Your initial impression will be one of soft cream ruffles, but when the gold flecks in the dress catch the light just right, you will sparkle softly and the effect is surprisingly beautiful. Gold dresses in fabrics like these come in many different styles; some are simply designed while others may be full of ruffles, but there is generally little ornamentation; the dusting of gold is all the sparkle you need.

Shiny Gold Lame' Fabric

If you have ever worn lame' fabric, you know how beautiful it can make you feel. It falls like water over your curves and is generally of a metallic hue. Gold lame' dresses are all shine and shimmer without making you feel robotic or ridiculously modern. Lame' is nothing but elegant and feminine. A simple cocktail dress or slinky gown entirely made in gold lame' will make you feel like a beauty queen for the evening, and a black ribbon sash or satin shawl can offset these gold dresses with style.

Beading and Ornamentation

Of course, not all gold dresses are made with gold fabric. From the 1920s through today, women have understood how to turn heads with the help of dazzling sequins and beads. A simple dress becomes a jaw dropper when covered in gold sequins that reflect the light and make it dance around you. A dress like this is ideal for an evening of dancing and fun, while still looking your best. Sequins may be small and closely arranged, or you may choose a dress with larger, disc shaped sequins, up to one-quarter inch in diameter for a more dramatic statement. Gold beads combined with jewels will give you a more complex and elegant look.

A Look for all Occasions

While the idea of shiny gold dress may seem limiting in scope, you will find that you want to wear your beautiful choice everywhere, and you will love the attention you attract at prom, at your next formal cocktail party, at your cruise ship dinner, and even at your wedding. Gold dresses come in as many options as there are women and personalities, silver sequin evening gowns 2018 and therefore, you are sure to find the one that best suits your body style, character, and personal tastes. Gold will be the preffered color for the lines.

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