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Things to Consider before Purchasing Your Perfect Prom Dress

Prom is something most girls have dreamed of attending for at least three years. This means that choosing the right prom dress is perhaps one of the hardest decisions a girl, like you, could ever make because it not only must fit your dress personality and your particular style, but it must also be unique among all the other dresses your classmates will wear. To find the perfect dress, you must do your homework and become familiar with the different styles available to you. It will be worth the extra effort when you realize that one of the most special nights of your high school career is a success that was well worth waiting for.

Consider These Ideas Before You Go Shopping

The best thing you can do for yourself is to make a list of the styles you like and make a note of anything special you would like to see on your dress. You should study your options and then ask yourself a few very important questions. They may include things like:

Would you prefer semi-formal dresses or formal gowns? Semi-formal dresses can be worn later on to a wedding or a date while the formal typically will be worn only once; to the prom.

Do you want to see yourself in a short dress or a longer one? Some girls want to show off their legs while others prefer to look taller. Which type are you?

Do you have a sleeve preference? This may include strapless, one shoulder, halter, or other variations.

Would you prefer a baby doll dress, a mermaid style dress, cocktail dress, ball gown, A-Line style dress, gothic style or even an older style vintage dress? If you can narrow down the style you want your dress to have, it will make shopping easier on you.

Would you like a specific color or pattern to be on the dress? If you have pale skin do you really want a dress that will make you look paler?

Do you have a type of fabric you prefer that the dress be made of? Some people feel itchy in certain types of fabric. If this red and silver prom dress 2018 is an issue you have, decide ahead of time to avoid that type of material for your prom dress.

Advice on Discovering the Perfect Prom Dress or Evening Gown

Before time to purchase a dress, consider going shopping just to try on a few different options. You should also consider trying on a few dress styles that you normally do not think you would want. The reason why is simple; when choosing the perfect dress you never really know what it looks like until it is on your body. Hangers are shapeless so you cannot tell much about a dress that is hanging up. Manikins have the perfect body shape, with missing parts. Once you have your body inside of the dress, filling it out the right way, your opinion of the dresses style may change.

Dresses this year are big on jewel tones and metallics as well as bright colors. The only dress that is not considered “Hot” this year is black. Fashionistas love the glittery look and you should consider it as well. It does not matter whether you have sequins or rhinestones; no one has ever gone wrong by adding a little sparkle to the dance floor.

In doing research, be sure to check out some of the top designer’s websites. Some of the best places to browse while shopping for your dress includes, Clarisse, Jovani, Terani, and Tony Bowls. If you cannot find what you are looking for there, consider browsing one of the many magazines which are dedicated to finding the perfect prom dresses such as; Your Prom, Seventeen, and Prom Magazine. They offer tips on prom dresses, hair styles and even makeup for the big night.

Set aside plenty of time to find the perfect dress. Do not wait until the last moment when you must find the dress of your dreams immediately. It will take you some serious time to find “The Dress” for you. You also should not limit yourself to your list of “Okay” dresses. Try on colors that you normally would not consider wearing and styles that you at first did not want. You may be surprised by the type of dress that looks truly great on you.

You should also try on a variety of styles to ensure they will fit you comfortably. Prom is typically all about having a great time and dancing the night away with your prom date. Do you want a dress that makes you uncomfortable or that is impossible to dance in? For example; the mermaid gown which is so popular, may look like a great idea. It fits tightly from the hip to ankles of the woman wearing it and it may look like the perfect dress for you. However, many young ladies who go to prom quickly discover that they are not able to move freely because of how it restricts their legs. This does not mean it will not work for you. Simply try it on and try to move around to see how well you can move. If you find it too confining for your taste, try another style.

Contrary to popular belief, length does matter. If you are considering a shorter style dress, it may not be necessarily the right dress for you if you try to go too short with it. Short dresses are fun and flirty to wear but you do not want to feel self-conscious about whether you are revealing too much on the dance floor. However, long is not always the best choice either. If a dress is too long, you could end up tripping instead of dancing all night. Take the shoes with you that you plan to wear prom night and do not hesitate to see how the long dress fits with your shoes. Try them with the dress to see how easily you can stay off the hem and then try to walk without the shoes. After hours of dancing, chances are good you will be barefoot at some point. You do not want to trip then either.

Questions to consider when choosing your dress:

  • Do you like formal gowns or semi-formal dresses?
  • Are you hoping for a long dress or short?
  • Do you want your dress to be strapless, halter, one shoulder or with straps/sleeves?
  • What styles appeal to you most? Some examples include baby doll, mermaid, A-line, ball gown, cocktail, vintage and gothic style.
  • What colors or patterns do you like?
  • What kind of fabrics do you like?
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