Purple tip acrylic nails

Date: 15.10.2018, 04:39 / Views: 31475
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I recently had some bad luck with my nails and almost all of them started breaking purple off (and those that didn’t break I had to file down).  I had spent to much time and energy in growing my nails out that once they broke off I decided to go with an instant fix and add tip extensions to get the length I wanted.

For many years I used to get acrylics done, both in a salon and DIY, and they destroyed my nails! So once I got into doing gel polish I got the idea to use the gel polish in place of acrylics and I loved the results. Not only did my nails hold up like acrylics would(no breaking) but after removal there was no damage to my nail!

Here’s the tutorial, I hope you enjoy!


Nail Tips

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