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Flower by Kenzo is my favorite perfume of all time and I can't believe I never left a review of it! I know there are tons of reviews here already, but I'll leave mine, if you don't mind. :)

I can see why some people dislike it. Flower is basically a GIGANTIC, in your face baby powder. And that's it. You can definitely smell a strong violet, rose and vanilla, but the first macys flower girl dresses 2018 thing that comes to your mind when you smell it is baby powder. It's not the "old lady", musky, aldehyde, soapy or detergent kind of powder, but the purple floral kind of of powder. It's very strong, and it can be offensive when you first spray it, but give it a chance and let it sit for a while! I'm telling you, it's contagious - I started wearing it because I loved it on my friend in middle school, but later my ex and my guy friend bought a bottle for themselves because they loved it on me. Flower can sometimes be overpowering for the wearer, but I noticed over time that people around the wearer love it! It is a very feminine scent, but I do love on guys too!

Flower is so comforting to me. When I wear it, I feel like I'm suddenly wearing a clean, comfortable cotton white dress walking on the clouds. I feel like I'm somewhere clean, simple and safe. And kinda nostalgic. (OK, I guess I'm just feeling like a baby because of the baby powder smell...) BUT, it's in a good way, you know, at least for me.

The fragrance industry is always trying so hard to make the best, the unforgettable, the sexiest, the cutest, the most popular perfume, and the ADs these days are always like "if you wear it you can be the bad, sexy girl", and I confess that I always fall for them, but to be honest, I love how Flower by Kenzo is not trying hard to be all of those things yet it's truly unique, unforgettable and nice. When I wear it I don't feel the pressure to be attractive, independent, smart, classy, sexy or someone I'm not; it just allows me to be myself, if that makes sense! It's like a big hug from someone very special.

Flower was my first high end, mainstream perfume that I bought to myself. I have been wearing it for 12 years and it brings me back so many good and bad memories. I wore it non stop in high school, and I was wearing it when I had my first kiss with my first boyfriend. It was magical! It sometimes makes me emotional when I wear it, but it will always have a space in my heart, it's that special to me. :)

Edit: I just read someone below me saying that it has no sparkle to it, and that it's kinda sad and melancholic, and I agree!! While Kenzo Amour is like a warm, cozy hug, Flower is a nostalgic, forever alone girl giving a hug for herself, lol. It would be a good scent to wear for a funeral, actually! I believe that the cold aspect of Flower is the huge violet's fault, but I like it this way. :)

I'm sorry for the long review!


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