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Designs By Miss Mandee

Looking for some cute art to hang in your little one’s (or “soon-to-be” little one’s) room? Then you’ve come to the right place. These free fox nursery prints are a great way to bring a little whimsey to you’re baby’s room!

Free Fox Nursery Prints


I can just imagine how sweet these prints would look hanging in a baby’s room. And wouldn’t hipster bedroom boy 2018 one of these make such a cute baby shower gift? What a fun, unique, and cheap gift idea (I doubt anyone will bring the same gift as you)! Being an animal lover, I think every nursery needs pictures of animals on the wall. My little one has some cute prints I designed of baby safari animals being cradled by their mothers just above his crib. They always melt my heart when I look at them.

I don’t know about you, but I am seriously obsessed with woodland animal designs! Foxes, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, you name it. In fact, my little one’s first birthday is coming up, and I am about 80% sure that “Woodland Creatures” is going to be the theme for his party (how cute would that be!).

The other thing I love about these designs are the hipster elements. I think the glasses, pipe, mustache, and bowler are what make these extra cute and whimsical. Plus, I just love hipster designs in general. A while back I offered some really cute —check ’em out. And, don’t forget to check out my other as well.

So, whether you are preparing for your newest addition, redecorating a child’s bedroom, or creating a fun gallery wall, these fox prints are sure to make a great addition!

Happy decorating!

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Mandee is a graphic designer, tennis player, and roller coaster enthusiast. She is a wife to an aspiring stand-up comedian and mommy to two super cute little boys. She fell in love with graphic design when she started working with a guy she met her freshman year of college on his comedy website. Design wasn’t the only thing she fell in love with, and they were married a year and a half later. She started Designs By Miss Mandee as a place to practice her designs skills and share her creative ideas.
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Hi! My name is Mandee Thomas. I enjoy walking my cat, sitting cross-legged in my office chair, and driving barefoot. I also love to create awesome designs for bloggers and anyone who enjoys cute freebies (but isn't that obvious).

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