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In life, we are protective of many things but not many of these sit above our hair on the list. Over the years, we have learned just how different one person can look with a different hairstyle and this has enabled us to experiment more than ever. For example, the pixie cut has been in style recently but it has been hard to find the right products to style your pixie cut for an affordable price…until now.

If you’ve recently made the jump to a pixie cut or are considering it right now, the list we have for you today will be a huge help because we have 17 affordable hair products you can use to style your beautiful hair. Recently, I joined the team so know all about the struggle in finding really good hair products without paying over the odds. Considering the pixie cut already makes you feel quite vulnerable, the lack of products to find the right style immediately leaves you questioning your decision but these products will help.

Once you start practicing and finding the right shapes that match your facial features, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go. So bring your patience and determination and come with me as we look through some !


Check Out The Best Products For Your Pixie Cut

Regardless of length, frizzy hair is a problem for most people and, despite popular belief, a short haircut can actually be harder to maintain. As a result, a good conditioner should always be the starting point and I’ve been impressed with Smooth Sexy Hair Conditioner recently. After just a few applications, I noticed a definite difference as my hair felt soft, smooth, and it looked good too. Furthermore, having coconut oil is a nice touch because this improves the health of your hair without leaving frizz; it also contains no gluten or parabens.

If you’re going for a more dramatic style such as the faux hawk, this mousse will keep your hair in place all day and all night!

Before you click away, we realize this is a men’s product but it also happens to be a superb styling paste. After applying, it adds texture to your hair and will instantly make it seem thicker which is perfect for those with flat ‘strands’.

Although this can be found in a drugstore, it is a little more expensive than others on the list. This being said, it’s a fantastic investment and will help you for months and maybe even years to come. With the ionic feature in place, it will also fight against static and frizz as your hair dries.

Sometimes, products leave a gel residue behind and this gloopy substance isn’t nice, to say the least. With Pixie Play Craft Cream, your hair will be fixed into place with an extra strong hold without this problem.

Of course, everybody knows this name and there’s a reason for this; their products have been consistently brilliant for many years. With this hairspray, it is perfect for when you need just a light application.

Do you always see fluffiness and frizziness at the edges of razored areas? If so, this hair mask (sulfate-free) is exactly what you need.

OGX Argan Oil Shampoo ()

Of all the shampoos I’ve tried, this is one of my favorites since it leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth without losing the oils required for texture (a balance I’ve been looking for since I was young!).

In truth, the name of this product says it all and they aren’t lying either; this is the best budget glaze you will find anywhere!

With short hair, this is the time to use bobby pins even more rather than putting them away. If you need to get ready in minutes and can’t get your hair to sit right, keep loose bits down with bobby pins and you’ll be good to go.

Once again, we return to the men’s side of the market here because this sculpting paste is well worth a test. With a matte finish, it leaves your hair looking stylish without reaching the dreaded ‘greasy’ look.

If you have a long pixie cut, mini curling irons come in handy for those ‘glam’ evenings!

Of course, a little grease is actually useful when styling a pixie cut but this dry shampoo will keep your hair smelling fresh and beautiful so you don’t have to make the trade-off.

If you regularly use straighteners or even curling tongs, this L’Oreal spray provides protection for up to 450 degrees. Recently, I tested its ‘three-day look’ promise and it actually worked!

If you don’t like using cream, this FX wax is more than affordable and will allow you to play with your hair until you find a good look.

Simple, effective, affordable; everyone could use a convenient small comb to push hair in the right direction, right?

Finally, this powder will help when going for the good ‘dirty’ look. In the meantime, you could also try baby powder!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Pixie Cut Get Frizzy?

Yes, more so if your hair is really naturally frizzy. The first product on our list (Smooth Sexy Hair) actually does a great job of keeping your pixie cut from . Depending on just how frizzy your hair gets, the video below may help guide you on styling your pixie cut to prevent frizz.

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