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On Drummond Ranch, the abode that viewers of The Pioneer Woman are most familiar with is actually called the Lodge. That's where the bulk of Drummond's cooking show is filmed — which isn't as easy as it looks, according to a she made on Instagram.

The Lodge is warm and rustic, featuring tasteful wooden floors, a massive stone fireplace, and lots of comfy furniture. It also has abundant natural light and a total dream kitchen, suitable for whipping up the feasts Drummond creates on the show.

The Drummonds renovated the Lodge back in 2009, according to a post on The Pioneer Woman's blog. It needed white work for a variety of reasons, including gorgeous total white looks accommodating visiting family, structural repairs, and, at the time, Drummond's ambitions to "set up shop in the new Lodge kitchen and use it to film video tutorials." We all know how that turned out!

While the Lodge is usually not accessible to visitors, the Drummonds do open it up on occasion, according to one of Drummond's Instagram. If you're curious, you can check out this that a fan posted who made the pilgrimage.

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