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The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.

ONE SPIRIT OKINI LIST Search by first name OR last name PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. NO WEAPONS The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things". ORGANIZATIONS -- If you can help these organizations, please get in touch! Organization City Needs Contact ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN URGENT NEEDS : Toilet paper, paper towels & napkins, Dawn Dish soap, Simple Green cleaner for moping, toilet cleaner, Pine-Sol, Clorox Clean-ups, disposable vinyl gloves size L for cleaning, 30 gallon trash bags. FOR THE KITCHEN: flour, yeast, vegetable oil, Sweet-n-Low packets, coffee, coffee creamer, aluminum foil, disposable serving gloves, dish towels WOUNDED KNEE SERVICE CENTER MANDERSON URGENT NEED for SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND 200 BACKPACKS Students in 11 schools and 3 Headstart programs in the Wounded Knee Cap Center need backpacks and supplies for the school year. Please indicate what age (elementary, middle school or high school) you are sending for. High schoolers can use calculators and other school supplies for those in advanced grades. This CAP office serves students in Rockyford, Wounded Knee and Manderson. If you are interested in making a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do. No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT 1 10/13/2018 Family
M 26 Need Winter Coat, snowboots, hat, gloves, construction boots (no steel toe), jeans, t shirts, hoodie, socks, underwear, blankets A single father who is raising is son alone is asking for help. He is working odd jobs and needs some work boots, clothing and winter clothing. Shoes 13 Coat XXL lHoodie XXL Jeans 36/34 Socks large long Underwear XL 2 10/11/2018 Son M 6 Jeans, l/s t shirts, underwear (long) , socks and sneakers, snowboots hoodie and winter jacket, hat and mittens Little boy is growing so fast he has ourgrown everything. His father is worried that he does not have winter clothing. Jeans 10 l/s shirts 10/12 Shoes 4 Snowboots 4 Winter jkt. 12 hoodie 12 3 10/13/2018 Family
F 43 clothing, socks, winter gloves & stocking cap, vaporizer for daughter, space heater, blankets, body wash & shampoo, toothpaste & brushes, laundry & dish soap Mother & daughter moved back to the Rez and are living with her cousin until they can make it on their own. winter boots size 9.5 wide; winter coat size XL; bra size 38C; underwear size 7 4 10/13/2018 Daughter F 5 clothing, socks, gloves and stocking cap loves going to school, learning ABCs and numbers; enjoys drawing & coloring; favorite color is purple YOUTH SIZES: pants size 8; shirts size 8-10; underwear size 10; shoes size 1; coat size 10; snowsuit size 10-12 5 10/13/2018 Family
F 29 winter clothing, socks, pantry items, baby items, laundry & dish soap, cleaning items, trash bags & toilet paper Single mom trying her best to provide for her family would greatly appreciate assistance winter coat size XL; stretch pants size 13 6 10/13/2018 Son M 0 diapers, socks, blankets, Destine, baby wipes, baby wash/shampoo, baby powder diapers size: newborn 7 10/13/2018 Daughter F 8 clothing, socks enjoys painting and drawing jeans size 10-12; winter coat size 10-12; underwear size 10-12 8 10/13/2018 Daughter F 7 clothing, socks enjoys music jeans size 7-8; shirts size 7-8; underwear size 7-8; winter coat size 7-8 9 10/12/2018 Family
F 33 Winter jackets, shoes and clothes for her children. This family have just moved from another area and all the children need clothes, shoes and winter jackets. 10 10/12/2018 Son M 13 Winter jacket, shoes and clothes. This young lad really needs a winter jacket, shoes and clothes. He is very short of clothes. Pants; 16 or 24 x 30. Shirts; Large in big boys. Shoes; 8.5 Jacket; Large in big boys. 11 10/12/2018 Son M 9 Winter jacket, shoes and clothes. This young boy needs a warm winter jacket, clothes and shoes. He has just moved area's and is really short of clothes. Pants; 10 boy. Shirts; 10 boy. Shoes; 5.5 Jacket; 10 boy 12 10/12/2018 Daughter F 15 clothing, winter jacket and shoes. This teenager has just moved house with her family and really needs a winter jacket, shoes and clothes. Skinny jeans; 8 Womens. Shirt; 8. Womens. Shoes; 8.5 Jacket; 8. Womens. 13 10/12/2018 Daughter F 12 Winter jacket, shoes and clothes. This young girl needs clothes, shoes and a winter jacket. She has moved area's and really needs some clothes. Pants; 12 youth. Shirts; 12 youth. Jacket; 12 youth. Shoes; 5.5 14 10/12/2018 Daughter F 6 Winter jacket, shoes and clothes. This young girl really needs a winter jacket, shoes and clothes. Its very cold on the reservation with snow. clothing; 6; Shoes; 13.5. Winter jacket; 6 15 10/12/2018 Husband M 38 clothes, shoes & socks 16 10/11/2018 Family
M 54 warm clothing, warm winter hat and socks, 2 space heaters, warm comforter, coffee, pantry items, toilet paper, liquid laundry & dish soap, sponges, dish & bath towels, washcloths, body wash & shampoo Lives in a trailer that is not weatherproof. Would greatly appreciate help keeping warm. jeans size 30x32; warm shirts size L; extreme weather coat size L; warm coveralls size M/L; shoes/boots size 9; weatherproof gloves size L 17 10/11/2018 Family
M 71 Space heaters (to conserve propane), cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, food items..rice, dried beans, canned vegetables/fruits/meats, flour, etc. This elder still works as a janitor at the grade school but is starting to slow down a bit and will most likely retire at the end of the school year. His income is all that keeps the family going and most times they do run out of food. Winter clothing for the boys is the greatest concern for the grandparents. They are reaching out for help for the first time. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you :) 18 10/14/2018 Grandson M 9 Young man in desperate need of winter clothing...especially a winter coat and snow boots BOYS SIZES: pants/t-shirts/hoody/coat 14- 16, shoe 6 19 10/14/2018 Grandson M 6 This little one has grown since last year. He is desperately needing some winter clothes, coat and snow boots. BOYS SIZES: clothing 10-12, shoes/boots 2 20 10/14/2018 Grandson M 10 Young man in urgent need of winter clothing...especially a winter coat and snow boots. BOYS SIZES: jeans/hoody/t-shirt/coat 14- 16, shoes 6 21 10/13/2018 Family
M 24 Needs are jeans, tops, winter coat, hat, gloves , snow boots, blankets, underwear, hygiene articles - razors, deodorant, bodywash Clothing for son jeans 38/34 Tops XXL Coat XXL (warm) Shoes 11 underwear 34/36 22 10/11/2018 Son M 6 jeans or sweat pants, l/s t shirts, hoodie, Winter Coat, Snowpants snow boots, mittens, hat, long johns, long socks. Hygiene - body wash, lotion, toothpaste and brush Little boys grow and he is going to be tall like his Dad and nothing fits. He is a tall and stocky little boy. He loves the outdoors and loves to go hiking through the woods with his Dad or go visit his grandpa . Pants 12 Husky Tshirts 14 Winter coat 14 shoes 5 underwear 10 snow boots 5 Socks for 6 shoe (long) Underwear 14 23 10/13/2018 Family
F 32 warm clothing, socks, hygiene and dental care products, laundry & dish soap, body wash & shampoo Young family no longer able to make it on their own has moved in with the grandmother Elder. They are not able to find work. Food box to be delivered to Denise Plenty Arrows (Cherish's mother) in Allen Housing pants size 13 long; winter boots size 10; winter coat size XL 24 10/13/2018 Daughter F 4 winter clothing, socks clothing size 5T; shoes size 12; underwear size 4T; winter coat size 6T 25 10/13/2018 Son M 3 winter clothing, socks clothing size 4T husky; shoes size 10w; underwear size 3T; coat size 5T husky 26 10/13/2018 Daughter F 1 winter clothing, socks, diapers winter clothing size 3T; boots/shoes size 7T; winter coat size 4T; diapers size 5 27 10/13/2018 Son M 0 clothes, socks, diapers, baby wash/shampoo/powder/wipes, Destine clothes/sleepers with feet size 6-9 months; Huggies (sensitivity to other brands) diapers size 2; onsies size 6-9 months 28 10/11/2018 Family
F Clothes for her grandsons. This grandmother has custody of her 5 grandchildren, one has a sponsor. This family really needs winter jackets, clothes and shoes to get through the harsh winter in South Dakota. 29 10/11/2018 Grandson M 8 Winter jacket, clothes and shoes. This young boy really needs a winter jacket, clothes and shoes His grand parents really stuggle in the winter months to clothe the children. Pants; 10 regular. Shirts; 10. Shoes; 3. Jacket; 10 30 10/11/2018 Grandson M 11 Winter jacket, clothes and shoes. This young lad really needs some clothes, especially a winter jacket. Its already snowing on the reservation. Pants; 10 regular. Shirts; 10/12. Shoes; 5. Jacket; 10/12. 31 10/11/2018 Grandson M 10 Winter jacket, clothes and shoes. This young boy needs a winter jacket, clothes and shoes. This family really needs some help. Pants; 12. Shirts; 10/12. Shoes; 5. Jacket; 10/12. 32 10/11/2018 Grandson M 12 Winter jacket, clothes and shoes. This young lad whose grandparents are bringing them up, needs a winter jacket, clothes and shoes. This family really stuggle, more so in the winter months. Pants; 14/16. Shirts' Small - mens. Shoes; 8 Jacket; Small - mens. 33 10/11/2018 Family
F 32 Clothes and shoes. This single mum would like some help with clothes for herself and her daughter. Its snowing on the reservation so a warm jacket is essential. Pants; 14, skinny jeans. Shirt; XL. Shoes; 9. Jacket; XL. 34 10/11/2018 Daughter F 13 Clothes, shoes and winter jacket. This young girl lives with her single mother. She really needs some clothes and a winter jacket, its snowing on the reservation, so she is desperate for a winter jacket. Pants; 10, skinny jeans. Shirt; Medium, womens. Shoes; 10 womens. Jacket' Medium, womens. 35 10/11/2018 Family
F 28 Pantry items...rice, beans, canned meats/vegetables, flour, etc. personal hygiene products, cleaning products. A single mother raising many children (some not her own) is reaching out for help with basic necessities especially food items. Thank you for your assistance to this large family! 36 10/11/2018 Family
F 75 clothing, hygiene articles, pantry food for her beloved family Has no winter coat or snow boots, gloves and hat. socks. She would love a pair of sweat pants with an elastic waist. She is Petite. An elderly grandmother is asking for help for herself and her family....She asks very little and only when there is great need. For herself she is asking for pants, tops, socks snow boots and a winter coat Pants 9/ 10 Tops XL shoes 7 Undies 6 coat XL 37 10/11/2018 Family
M 69 Winter coat, hat, gloves, snowboots, scarf, jogging pants and socks, hygiene articles - razors and body wash Blankets. He is a veteran an has been in and out of hospital. He is the beloved head of the family and his health is deteriorating and is on oxygen....he really needs a helping hand. Winter Coat XXL Snowboots 10 1/2 Underwear Large pants 46/30 shoes 10 1/2 shirts XXL 38 10/10/2018 Family
F Elder Pantry Food, toilet paper , laundry soap , blankets Lovely Elder in urgent need of food and necessities 39 10/5/2018 Family
F 57 Clothing for Grandchildren and Beads A gift card to Singing Horse Trading Post would be wonderful A very loving and caring grandmother who has 14 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren living with her is asking for help for some help. THIS FAMILY OF 18 PLUS PEOPLE ARE REALLY DESPERATE...she just got a job but is still struggling.....with trying to get children clothed for school. Would love to be able to make some extra money by beading. THIS GRANDMA WANTS TO THANK ANYONE WHO HELPS HER AND HER FAMILY.- 40 10/14/2018 Granddaughter F 16 School Clothes, sneakers, socks, panties, hoodie, She would love a pair of black and white sneakers she is the quiet child in a very large and noisy house. Generally she asks for nothing - but when I happened to visit I met her and I asked her if she needed anything. She said there are alot of girls in the house and if anyone sent her anything - please put her name on it (Raelene) skinny jeans 9/11 Shirts medium Hoodie large Shoes 8 1/2 socks - ankle socks 41 10/10/2018 Granddaughter F 16 skinny jeans, t shirts, socks, panties, sportsbra This fifteen year old girl, like her cousin would love some new clothes, she wants to feel pretty. This is a large household with many girls in it so please label with her name Larae. skinny jeans 11 shirts Med. Hoodie large 42 10/10/2018 Granddaughter F 17 skinny jeans, t shirts, hoodie, socks, panties, sports bra This teenager has not had anything new in a long time and really wants to look nice for school......Please label with her name, Carol, as there are many girls in the family. skinny jeans 7 shirts small Hoodie Med. 43 10/13/2018 Family
M 34 Clothing for family - pantry food and hygiene articles A father called for help with his children and wife. They are having a hard time since moving to the country and they don't have the appropriate clothes for trudging up the dirt roads. rice, beans 44 10/13/2018 Daughter F 1 Coat, hat, gloves, snowboots, socks, shoes, undies, leggings and l/s tops this chubby little girl need some winter clothing - she has out grown all her clothes. shorts 5t (leggings) Shirts 5T Coat 5 shoes 6 wide hat, 5 socks 45 10/13/2018 Daughter F 3 coat, hat, gloves, snowpants, snowboots, leggins, l/s shirts, shoes and socks she has grown like a weed and really needs some clothing - nothing fits. Pants 6 (leggings) shirts 6t Coat 6 Shoes 8 T hat, 5 socks 46 10/13/2018 Daughter F 6 Coat,snowpants, hat, gloves, snow boots, construction type shoes, panties, socks pants & l/s shirts and a hoodie This little girl has no winter clothes and really would love some.....She really needs outwear and snowboots but could use some hiking or construction type shoes because of the dirt roads they have to walk. pants 7 (stretchy) Shirts 10/12 shoes 3 Mother says sizes correct - she is chubby leggings, 2 tops, 4 socks 47 10/13/2018 Son M 5 Winter coat, snowpants, hat, gloves, snowboots, tops, pants, construction boots, socks & underwear This little boy turned 5 and like his siblings he grew alot and nothing fits...... Shorts 6 Shirt 6/7 shoes 12 boots, snow boots, 3 boxers 48 10/10/2018 Wife F 25 Winter coat, hat, gloves, snowboots and hiking type shoes A young mother is having a hard time but worries mostly about her children. When I asked her about her sizes she said don't worry about me - it is my children that are more important. This young mother does not have winter clothing and it would really help her to have warm clothing. Coat XL SHOES 8 49 10/13/2018 Family
F 67 Beads. This Elder needs some help so that she can continue to do beading, which is an income to her. The seed bead size is 11, Colour of beads' Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Black, Orange and Pink. Fire mountain gem and beads 3 hanks ea color. 50 10/11/2018 Family
M 75 blankets, space heater, warm socks, toilet paper & Kleenex, dish & laundry soap, food & pantry items, towel & washcloth, dish sponge & towel Elder would appreciate help with some basics pants size 36x30; shirt size XL; underwear size 36; coat size 1XL; shoes size 9.5; winter gloves size XL 51 10/11/2018 Family
F Food , laundry soap, toilet paper , blankets , space heaters Grandmother asking for help , out of everything ! 2# rice, 2# pinto beans, ramen, 3 pkg. mashed potatoes, Laundry detergent, Pine Sol cleaner, sponge, washcloth,pen Manicure kit, bandaids, neosporin 52 10/10/2018 Family
F 69 2 space heaters, toilet paper, coffee, Equal, healthy snacks, cleaning supplies, liquid laundry soap, trash bags Elders in need of basics 53 10/11/2018 Grandson M 20 winter gloves & hat; winter coat & boots, socks, thermal underwear boots size 11.5; winter coat size XL; gloves size L; underwear size 38 54 10/11/2018 Son M 53 winter gloves & hat; winter boots, socks, thermal underwear gloves size XL; boots size 12, underwear size 40 55 10/11/2018 Nephew M 33 winter gloves and hat, thermal underwear, winter coat & boots, socks gloves size L; coat size XL; boots size 10; underwear size 36 56 10/11/2018 Husband M 70 clothes, winter boots, thermal underwear, socks, stocking cap, gloves Great need for clothing, socks and shoes winter gloves size XL; winter boots size 11; carpenter style jeans size 40x32; underwear briefs (color other than white) size 40 57 10/11/2018 Great Granddaughter F 5 winter boots and socks boots size 10 wide girls 58 10/9/2018 Family
F Elder Household supplies( Laundry soap , toilet paper , dish soap , etc.)cleaning items Loving Grandmother is in need of assistance right now 59 10/4/2018 Family
F 24 clothing, Clorox bleach, bed pillow, shower curtain & bathmat, backpack (that has laptop pouch to fit school laptop in) Young lady with no income lives with relatives while going to college. jeans size 32x30; sports bra size M; winter jacket (black or blue) size M (men); hoodie size M (men) 60 10/8/2018 Family
F 50 Winter clothing, coats, shoes and boots for her children. A single mother is reaching out for help with winter clothing for her children. She has no source of income and is presently staying with family. She asks nothing for herself. Thank you for any and all assistance for this little family! 61 10/8/2018 Son M 10 In urgent need of winter clothing, shoes & snow boots YOUTH SIZE: clothes 8, shoes/boots 2 62 10/8/2018 Daughter F 14 In desperate need of winter clothing, shoes and snow boots. GIRLS SIZE: 12-14, shoes/boots 3 63 10/14/2018 Family
F 73 Pantry items..rice, beans canned meats/vegetables, flour, etc., personal hygiene products, laundry detergent (liquid), cleaning supplies. An elder raising 6 grandchildren by herself is in need of help with food and basic necessities. She is on a very limited income but has been able to meet the clothing/school supply needs of the kids currently in school..2 of which attend college on the reservation. Grandma is extremely proud of her grandchildren!! Any assistance for this family will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your kindness! Laundry Detergent, Shampoo and Conditioner, Bar Soap, G, twin pack Toothpaste - 6 ounce Chicken Breast 5 lbs. Rice, Liquid Dish Soap, 5 lbs flour Peanut Butter, 16-Ounce 15 Bean Soup Grape Jelly, 30 oz Jar Corn Meal,Table Salt, (6 Pack) Sweet Peas, Toothbrushes, 4 Ct Diced Tomatoes in Sauce, 14.5 oz No Knead Artisan Bread Mix 64 10/10/2018 Family
F 62 school clothing for her grandchildren Grandmother has her grandchildren living with her. Basics are always in high need. 65 10/10/2018 Grandson M 7 clothing, socks sizes are correct BOYS SIZES: winter coat size L; Pants size 12-14 adjustable; Shirt size 14-16; shoes size 4 boys 2 Pr. Socks 66 10/10/2018 Grandson M 2 clothing, socks, diapers sizes are correct winter coat size 10-12; Pants size 7-8; Shirt size 7-8; shoes size 12 child; Diapers size 6 2 pr. Socks 67 10/10/2018 Granddaughter F 4 clothing, pullups, socks sizes are correct winter coat size 14-16; jogger/stretch pants size 14-16; Shirt size 10-12; shoe size: 13wide; underwear size 8 child winter coat, 2 pr. Socks, hair ties 68 10/10/2018 Granddaughter F 13 clothing, socks sizes are correct All Plus Sizes: winter coat size 2X; pants size 16, tops size 2X, shoe size 10 wide women; Underwear size 8; sports bra XL jeans, 2 pr. Socks 69 10/8/2018 Granddaughter F 12 clothing, socks sizes are correct Ladies sizes: winter coat size L; Pants size 8 slim; Shirt size L; shoe size: 8.5 boys; underwear size 14 youth/girls boxers 70 10/8/2018 Grandson M 11 clothing, socks sizes are correct winter coat size L; pants size: 36x30; shirt adults size L men; Underwear size 36 men boxers; shoes size 8w men 71 10/13/2018 Family
M 26 School clothing for family, back packs, hygiene articles and pantry food BLANKETS A father called for help asking for his step children and his children in a newly blended family. They have just moved back to rez and he is having a hard time. He has applied for disability as he is unable to work. There electric is turned off so they are really struggling. Any help would be appreciated. They are thankful for what they have received but they still are in great need. 4 children’s sleeping bags, 3 throw blankets, 1 lantern with 4 D batteries Stepdaughter 11 - winter jacket Stepdaughter 9 -winter jacket-11/11/18 72 10/13/2018 Son M This little boy needs a layette - his due date is 9/29/18 and baby care items. All clothing, blankets, receiving blankets 1 fleece blanket, 6 sleepers, 4 onesies sleep sack, blanket, 6 socks 3 long pants, wipes, baby wash, 2 baby washcloths, diaper rash ointment 73 10/13/2018 Stepson 7 Needs hat, gloves,shoes & socks, book bag , jeans & t shirts He is tall first grader and has grown alot and none of his clothes fit......He wanted me to know he really loves cars . He would love a pair of skinny jeans and a back pack. Jeans 8 skinny jeans T shirts 8/10 Shoes 2 1 pr joggers, 2 L/S shirts, backpack 74 10/13/2018 Daughter F 4 Winter clothing, shoes/boots. pants 5T shirts 5T coat 5/6T sweatshirt, hat, 2 t-shirts 75 10/13/2018 Stepdaughter F 11 school clothes - JEANS, T SHIRTS, SOCKS shoes, panties, book bag This little girl is going to be a 7th grader. She loves vollyball. She has just moved here with very little and really needs some clothes. DESPERATE FOR SNEAKERS HER SHOES ARE FALLING APART. Jeans 11 Jr. Shirts large jr. Shoes 8 backpack, winter jacket 76 10/13/2018 Stepdaughter F 15 School Clothing, Jeans, Tshirts, panties, socks, sneakers, Back pack DESPERATE for above things This is her first year in high school and she is worried that she doesn't have nice clothing - she is a little worried. She is also playing vollyball and has no sneakers. She really needs sneakers and jeans. Pants 13/14 shirts XL Adult shoes 9 backpack, purple fleece jacket 77 10/2/2018 Son M 7 Winter Coat, hat, gloves, hoodie This little boy is starting a new school and will be in lst grade. He loves sports and is hoping he will make a friend. shoes 4 Hoodie 12 winter coat 10/12 backpack, T-shirt, 2 pr. Socks, toothbrush shoes 78 10/10/2018 Family
F 32 Clothing for children and a layette for a baby boy coming in Dec. Hygiene Products & pantry food This mother is having a hard time and is living with her mother. Life has been really hard for her and she really could use a helping hand. There is also a new baby on the way and she has nothing for him. dried beans, rice, deodorant, pads with wings, toothbrushes, toothpaste, baby blanket, 2 onesies (0-3 mos), fleece pram suit (0-3 mos) 2# spaghetti, 2 pkg. mashed potatoes, 3 ramen, pencils, Pens, bar soap 79 10/11/2018 Son M 6 Winter Coat, hat, mittens snowboots and T shirts. This little boy is in first grade this year and loves it. He loves to play with cars, trucks & action figures Snow boots 10 child T shirts 7 Coat 7 2 pr. Socks 80 10/7/2018 Son M 14 Hoodie, Jeans, T shirts, hygiene products This young man is 5'9", is a top student and is a freshman in high school He loves basketball Pants 18 youth or 32/ 32 Hoodie Mens XL socks, baseball hat 81 10/7/2018 Daughter F 13 Jeans, t Shirts, Winter coat, hat & gloves, hygiene products This 13 year old 8th grader is 5'11", plays basketball, a A student. She really needs some jeans, hoodie and a winter coat Jeans 17, coat l X, T shirts lx Hi tops 11 sneakers, socks, sweatshirt, toothbrush, hair ties 82 10/9/2018 Family
F Clothing for sons, hygiene articles and pantry food A mother called asking for clothing for children and school supplies. She wishes she could do more for her children, and has asked if anyone could help her. Also food is always short and she agains hopes. oatmeal, rice, 1 can Spam M15: book bag F3: 2 pants, 2 tops, 2 dolls 10/09/18 83 10/13/2018 Daughter F 3 clothings - leggings, shirts, shoes, socks hoodie & winter coat This little girl is a little chubby - so her Mom asked for stretchy clothing as they would be more comfortable for her......She would love some girly toys. 6T clothing Shoes 10 5 shirts, 5 leggings, 4 dresses, 3 sweaters, 1 hoodie, 1 pr. boots, 1 raincoat, panties, socks sneakers 84 9/8/2018 Son M 15 jeans, t shirts, boxers, sneakers, socks, hoodie book bag and supplies This tall young man is going into the 9th grade.....He is really excited. He is playing soccer at the moment but loves all sports. Pants 36/34 shirts XL Shoes 12 Boy 15- jeans, shirt, 2 pens, 2 mech. Pencils 85 10/6/2018 Family
F 50 Winter jackets, clothes and shoes for her grandchildren. This grandmother is going through chemo and raising her three grandchildren. These grandparents could really use some help. It would be great for the family to have something good happen to them at this time. 86 10/11/2018 Granddaughter F 13 Winer jacket, shoes and clothes. This young girl really needs a winter jacket, she would love some skinny jeans, snow boots, clothes and underwear. Pants; 14 youth, skinny jeans. Shirt; Large, youth. Shoes; 9. Jacket. Large, youth. Underwear. 14 youth. coat 87 10/8/2018 Grandson M 8 Winter jacket, shoes, clothes and underwear. This young boy living with his grandparents really needs a winter jacket, underwear, clothes and shoes. Pants; 10 youth. Shirts; 10 youth. Shoes; 4. Jacket; 10 youth. Underwear; 10 youth. coat 88 10/8/2018 Grandson M 10 Winter jacket, shoes and clothes. This young boy lives with his brother and sister at his grandmothers and grandfathers home. The family really need some help with clothes, especially with winter jackets. Pants; 14 regular. Shirts; Large, youth. Shoes; 6.5. Jacket; Large, youth. Underwear; large youth. coat 89 10/10/2018 Family
M 49 laundry & dish soap, toilet paper, paper towels & napkins, shampoo & conditioner, hand soap & body soap, hygiene and dental care items, sanitary pads with wings, fall/winter clothing This family survives on very limited income. Seeking help with clothing and the basics Shirt size: L sanitary pads w/wings (2 pkgs), toilet paper, shampoo/body wash, laundry detergent, toothpaste (3 pk), dish soap, 2 pk men’s deodorant, 2 pk women’s deodorant 90 7/30/2018 Son M 10 fall/winter clothes size 16-18 91 7/30/2018 Daughter F 14 fall/winter clothes size 18 92 7/30/2018 Daughter F 17 fall/winter clothes size 18 93 10/8/2018 Family
F Clothes, shoes and winter jackets. This grandmother who is raising her 4 grandchilden is asking for help. The children all need clothes, shoes and winter jackets. Every thing is a struggle on the reservation but its especially hard for the Elders raising grand children. F2: 2 pants, 3 tops F6: pants F8: top M6: 2 shirts-10/10/18 94 10/11/2018 Grandson M 6 shoes and winter jacket. This little boy is being raised by his grand mother, he really needs a winter jacket and shoes . Shoes; 13.5 child. Coat; 6. Child 95 10/11/2018 Granddaughter F 8 Shoes. This young girl really needs a pair of shoes. Pleas help her grandmother who is raising her. Shoes; 4 child. 96 10/11/2018 Granddaughter F 6 Shoes. This little girl being raised by her grand mother needs a pair of shoes. Pleas help if you can. Shoes; 2. 97 10/11/2018 Granddaughter F 2 Winter jacket and shoes. This toddler really needs a winter jacket and shoes. Her grandmother is really struggling to buy the clothes for these children. Shoes' 9. Coat; 4T. 98 10/4/2018 Family
F 34 clothing for children, diapers & wipes, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste & brushes, school supplies son just starting school, needs: glue sticks, Elmer's glue, headphones for computer SON AGE 5: pants size 10; jacket/hoodie size 10; shoes size 1; DAUGHTER AGE 2: pants & shirts size 8; underwear size 8; jacket/hoodie size 8; DAUGHTER AGE 1: pants & shirts size 10; diapers size 6 son: scissors, pencils, crayons, 2 shirts Girl 1: shoes Girl 2: shoes-10/10/18 99 10/11/2018 Family
F 26 winter clothing for children, sewing machine Cherish sews to help earn income. Her aged sewing machine has been a real workhorse and is on its last leg. DAUGHTER AGE 3 - winter boots size 8T; SON AGE 1 - snowsuit size 3T; NEWBORN SON - diapers size Newborn or 1 100 10/10/2018 Family
F 48 clothing and backpacks for children Large family in need of help with back to school supplies. 101 10/10/2018 Daughter F 12 clothing, socks & shoes, backpack pants size 7; shirts size L; shoes size 7.5 ladies; briefs size 6; socks; coat size XL 102 10/10/2018 Son M 11 clothing, socks & shoes, backpack BOY SIZES: pants & shirts size 8-10; shoes size 5; underwear size M; coat size L 103 10/10/2018 Daughter F 7 clothing, socks & shoes, backpack GIRL SIZES: shirts and pants size 6-8; shoes size 13.5; coat size 10 104 10/10/2018 Son M 16 clothing, socks & shoes, backpack BOY SIZES: sweatpants size L; shirt size L; shoes size 9.5 men; underwear size L; coat size L 105 10/6/2018 Family
M Halloween candy, candy bags, small prizes , cake mixes and icing. hot dogs & rolls and fixings, drink mix, cups, plates. The community of Wounded Knee is asking for help with their Halloween Celebration - they are going to have a halloween celebration and party for the kids and adults. The cakes are for a cake walk = which is really popular. Don is hoping that people will open their hearts again and help. 48 individual crayon boxes; 48 Halloween pencils; 72 goody bags; 48 vinyl Halloween bear keepsakes; 72 mini coloring books; 4 cherry chip cake mixes; 4 French Vanilla cake mixes; 2 gingerbread cake mixes; 3 buttercream frosting mixes; lemon frosting canister; lemonade mix; crystal light orange drink mix 10/12/18 106 10/13/2018 Family
F 49 3 Electric Heater, clothes for Grand kids, pantry food and hygiene articles. Quilting supplies and a used sewing maching would be wonderful. This wonderful grandma is raising a large brood of grandchildren. She has asthma and at times has problems breathing. This family does not have much - but they try hard to always help their neighbors and those in need. The house they live in is drafty and gets cold. The children often are cold and a few heaters would make a big difference. size 4/5 winter coat.-10/11/18 107 10/13/2018 Grandson M 5 SCHOOL CLOTHES - JEANS, T SHIRTS, SNEAKERS, HOODIE , UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS Winter coat, hat and gloves He is growing fast and none of his clothes from last year fit. Pants 10 shirts 10 shoes 13 one pant and one sweater 1 pr jeans, 1 t-shirt, 1 L/S shirt 108 10/13/2018 Granddaughter F 10 SCHOOL CLOTHES - SKINNY JEANS, T SHIRTS, SNEAKERS, HOODIE , UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS Winter coat, hat and gloves SHE HAS GROWN ALSO - AND NONE OF HER CLOTHES FIT. SHE REALLY WANTS TO LOOK NICE - all of her pants are too short skinny jeans 14 child shirts 14/16 shoes 6 1 L/S shirt 109 10/13/2018 Grandson M 9 SCHOOL CLOTHES - JEANS, T SHIRTS, SNEAKERS, HOODIE , UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS Winter Coat, Hat and gloves this 9 year old little boy who will be turning 10 soon has really grown over the summer and needs some clothes for school. He especially would love some hi tops. JEANS 14, T SHIRTS 14/16 SHOES 6 3 L/S shirts, winter jacket 110 10/13/2018 Granddaughter F 8 SCHOOL CLOTHES - SKINNY JEANS, T SHIRTS, SNEAKERS, HOODIE , UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS & HAIR TIES - HAS LONG THICK HAIR, winter coat, hat & gloves SHE LOVES SCHOOL AND CAN'T WAIT TO GO EACH DAY. Pants 10, shirts 10/12 shoes 2 1 pr jeans, winter coat 111 10/13/2018 Granddaughter F 5 SCHOOL CLOTHES - JEANS, T SHIRTS, SNEAKERS, HOODIE , UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS Winter coat, hat and gloves sHE IS THE YOUNGEST GIRL IN FAMILY GOING TO SCHOOL AND WOULD REALLY LOVE SOME NEW CLOTHES FOR SCHOOL Pants 7/ 8 shirts 78 shoes 12 youth 1 pr jeans, 3 L/S shirts, 1 fleece-lined hoodie 112 10/6/2018 Granddaughter F 2 Winter clothes, shoes, socks and Huggie diapers #5 Winter Coat, Mittens and hat this little girl needs some winter clothes and huggie diapers size 5 Clothing 4T Huggies #5 - can only wear this brand shoes 10 T coat 113 10/1/2018 Granddaughter F 12 REALLY NEEDS school clothes - pants, t shirts, socks, sneakers, panties, hoodie and a winter coat. Her sneakers are falling apart. This little girl is learning disabled but loves to live with grandma. She is a little chunky but has a beautiful smile. Would love a pair of jeans with a little stretch to them. XL in shirts pants 15/16 petite 9 wide sneakers 114 10/4/2018 Family
F 66 Elder is in urgent need of blankets and space heaters. The family of 5 have run out of propane and will not qualify for assistance until November 1st. Can also use pantry items...rice, beans, canned meats/vegetables, flour, shortening and tubes of Fixodent. Thank you for any assistance for this family! This elder has one adult son, and his 3 children living with her. The family tries to keep their expenses separate, but the grandmother often helps the children, leaving her to struggle with bills and buying enough food each month. She often runs out of food . The son makes crafts to sell whenever possible. pants- stretchy gym type- small shirts- XL shoes 7 1/2 coat- XL 3 blankets, ceramic heater, fixodent 115 10/11/2018 Family
F 65 clothing for granddaughters, sanitary pads with wings, liquid laundry & dish soap, Kleenex, body wash, bathroom cleaning items, toilet paper Elder grandmother asking for assistance with clothing for her 14 and 5 year old granddaughters, and two little ones. Would also greatly appreciate some household basics JUNIOR SIZES: Pant size 7; shirts size XL; LADIES SIZES: shoe size 8; hoodie size L GIRL SIZES: clothing size 7 Pine Sol, Dish soap, sponge, washcloth, cortisone cream, bandaids, pen Kids shampoo x 6, body wash x 3, kids mouth wash, deodorant, chap stick x 4, toothpaste x 2, sanitary pads package of 18 x 2, travel tampons, -10/10/18 116 10/11/2018 Granddaughter F 2 clothing, diapers/pull-ups specific due to allergies Her interest is Minnie Mouse Clothing size 4T; Pamper Cruisers diapers/pull-ups (pink bag) size 6; shoes size 7 toddler; jacket size 4T jacket, diaper rash ointment, 117 10/11/2018 Daughter F 13 clothing, outerwear, hygiene and dental products enjoys coloring, playing with dolls (shopkins), kickball, riding a bike and scooter Shirt size: 12 childs; Pant size: 14 tall slim girls; Shoe size: 5 girls; hoodie size: 14 girls 2 panties, hair ties, toothbrush, crayons 118 10/11/2018 Grandson M 5 clothing, socks favorite color is blue Shirt size: 6T; Pant size: 6T; Shoe size: 1 boys; Coat size: 8 jacket, 2 Pr. Socks, toothbrush 119 10/8/2018 Family
M 36 diapers & wipes for babies, winter boots, socks, blankets, pillows DIAPERS sizes 4, 5, 6, winter boots size 10 men 120 10/8/2018 Son M 2 socks, winter coat and boots winter coat size 7; boots size 7T 121 10/8/2018 Daughter F 4 winter boots, socks and coat winter boots size 8 child; winter coat size 10 122 10/8/2018 Son M 1 winter coat, winter boots, socks TODDLER SIZE: coat size 5; winter boots size 6 123 10/8/2018 Daughter F 13 winter boots, socks, gloves and hat winter boots size 6 ladies 124 10/8/2018 Son M 3 socks, winter boots and coat boot size 9T; coat size 8 125 9/26/2018 Family
F 33 2 space heaters house gets very cold at night 126 10/8/2018 Family
F 52 baby clothes, wipes, powder Grandparents are now helping raise their infant granddaughter. They would greatly appreciate help with some of the basics. clothing size 12 months Enfamil, diapers, baby body wash/shampoo, baby wipes 10/11/18 127 9/30/2018 Family
F 32 school clothing, hair ties, underwear, socks & shoes, shampoo, healthy snacks for her 4 daughters Mother asking for some help with basic items that are very much needed. DAUGHTERS AGE 9 & AGE 7: stretchy pants size 8, shirts size 8, shoes size 2, hoodie size 10; DAUGHTER AGE 5: clothing size 6, shoes size 10, hoodie size 8; DAUGHTER AGE 3: clothing size 5T, shoes size 8T, hoodie size 6T 128 10/10/2018 Family
F School Clothing for children Pantry items - would love to have some fruit in plastic containers for diabetic son. Would also loves snacks for other sons and ramen noodles.... . She was taken in by her grandmother when she lost her home after giving birth to her youngest and now her grandmother is in a nursing home. Fortunately she is allowed to stay in the home with her six sons. She is asking for help with school clothing for her kids. size 24 months 5 long pants, 3 shot sleeve shirts,2 onesis, 2 pairs of socks, 2 sweat shirts, 5 long sleeve shirts. makers, crayons, rulers, and pencils and pens. a pair of shoes size 5 for the 1 year old. -10/10/18 129 10/10/2018 Son M 0 Needs all clothing and baby care items This new born little boy came into the world with his birthday suit and now he really needs some clothes. The mother has very little clothes and really has her hands full.... Clothing 9 months - 12 Diapers #3 Coat 2 months M0: fleece pants, flannel shirt, onesie, hooded sweatshirt For baby: 1 onesie, 1 sleeper, 1 t-shirt 2 pr baby socks, s/s onesie, l/s, 1 pr pants (9 mo) -- 2 bars of soap, chap-aid, hair elastics fleece pants, hooded jacket 130 10/7/2018 Son M 1 Needs all clothing, hoodie & winter coat This little boy is learning to walk and his off and running. He really needs clothes Clothing 18 months to 24 months diapers #5 5 long pants, 3 short sleeve shirts,2 onesis, 2 pairs of socks, 2 sweat shirts, 5 long sleeve shirts. shoes size 5 jeans, shirt, 2 onesies, hoodie, 3 socks 131 9/19/2018 Son M 7 he needs everything, jeans, shirts, underwear, shoes, socks hoodie and a coat. coat. Would love some snacks he can eat. this second grader has grown out of everything. He is diabetic and loves to play basketball and with legos. He would really love to have some snacks he could eat. Pants 7 husky shirts 8 Shoes l 1/2 2 pr socks Boy 7- sweatpants 2 sweatpants, 3 boxers, 3 socks 132 9/19/2018 Son M 13 jeans, t shirts, boxers, hi tops, socks & hoodie This tall 7th grader is into Basketball and riding his bike. He is trying his best to help his mom. Pants 32/34 Mens T Shirts Mens Large Shoes 11 1/2 Boxers 32/34 2 pr socks, 2 l/s thermal shirts, 4 boxer briefs 133 9/19/2018 Son M 5 He is growing and his pants are too tight.....- jeans or sweat pants needs t shirts, underwear, sneakers & socks, hoodie & winter coat He is big for his age and is going to be tall like his big brother. He is in head start. Pants 7 husky or joggers shirts 8 Shoes 2 sweatpants, 3 socks 2 sweatpants, 3 boxers, 3 socks 134 9/17/2018 Son 10 Jeans, t shirts, sneakers, socks, boxers & hoodie this 5th grader\- loves to play with legos - though he doesn't have many. He also likes to play basketball Pants 14 teen shirts mens med. shoes 7 1/2 135 10/10/2018 Family
F 37 clothing, socks for 10 year old son Mother asking for help with clothing for her son. He needs pants, and asking for a winter coat BOY SIZES: pants/shorts size 14-16 husky or XL 136 10/11/2018 Family
M In urgent need of winter coats/hoodies/shirts for his children. This young father is reaching out for help. He is currently enrolled in college to further his degree in social services and doing day labor jobs to generate income. He volunteers his time at one of the mission shelters and started a weekly "homeless feed" program to give back to his community...sometimes using his own recourses. He would be extremely grateful for any assistance for his children. Thank you in advance!! Boy 11- jacket 10/05/18 137 10/11/2018 Son M 11 Young boy in urgent need of shirts, hoodies and a winter coat. MEN'S SIZE: M 3 short sleeves shirts 3 long sleeves shirts 1 pull over hoodie 1 zippered Sherpa hoodie jacket 138 10/11/2018 Son M 12 Young boy in urgent need of shirts, hoodies and a winter coat. PLEASE NOTE: This young man is 6' tall already but on the skinny side. MEN'S SIZE: S or S(Tall) 3 short sleeves shirts 3 long sleeves shirts 1 pull over hoodie 1 zippered Sherpa hoodie 139 10/11/2018 Son M 15 Growing young man in urgent need of shirts, hoodies and a winter coat. MEN'S SIZE: XXL 3 short sleeves shirts 3 long sleeves shirts 1 pull over hoodie 1 zippered Sherpa hoodie XXL Jacket 140 10/11/2018 Niece F 9 This little girl is in urgent need of winter clothing and shoes. Has outgrown everything from last year. pants/tops/coat 14-16, shoes 4.5 2 pairs of jeans 2 leggings 1 pack (14 underwear) 1 pack (6 pair of socks) 5 long sleeves shirts 1 zippered Sherpa hoodie Hair bands' winter coat, shoes, 4 socks 141 10/10/2018 Family
F 60 shoes and socks, winter coats Grandmother caring for several grandchildren is asking for help with diapers for baby grandson, winter coats, shoes and socks for 2 grandchildren age 4 starting pre-school GRANDDAUGHTER: shoes size 8wT, winter coat size 6T; GRANDSON: shoes size 11T, winter coat size 7; BABY: diapers sizes 5, winter coat & heavy crew socks size 12-18 months 3 outfits for each child (shirt/pants) 2 winter coats for older children (1/ea) 1 winter snowsuit for baby 1 package of socks for each child 1 pair of sneakers for the boy


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