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Summer is on it’s way out girls with white hair tumblr 2018 but the end of all that heat and humidity doesn’t mean the end of frizz for everyone. Frizzy hair is not only caused by the weather. Here are 9 tips to make frizzy hair smooth!

Stop-Frizzy-Hair-First of all, what is frizz? You may have seen shampoo commercial graphics that show the tiny cuticles that run up and down the length of individual hairs. When these tiny openings are closed, hair is sleek and smooth. In dry or damaged hair, the cuticle is open and soaks up moisture in the air like a sponge, resulting in frizz.

First it’s essential to know what causes that poufy hair. The top cause of frizz is dry hair that is depleted of natural oils and moisture. This makes curly hair especially vulnerable because oils have a harder time travelling down the hair shaft. Second is damage caused by styling tools and hair coloring. And last factor, as most of us have experienced, is weather. From humid summers to dry winters, no season is safe!

Another contributing element is not using the right products but we’re here to help you with that! Here are the best anti-frizz products plus the techniques that will give you gorgeous smooth, sleek hair!

1. No-Poo – Curly hair girls will be familiar with this method but it really applies to everyone. Dry hair is frizzy hair so skipping shampoo as often as possible is the first defence. Start with skipping every other day and work up to one shampoo per week with a gentle formula.

2. Shampoo and Conditioning Technique – Cleansing and moisturizing should be directed at different parts of the hair. When shampoo, focus on the scalp where scalp oil is concentrated. The general rule is to apply conditioner below the ears, especially at the roots.
Long hot showers also dry out hair. Warm water is gentler on hair and a blast of cool water closes the hair cuticle (plus this stimulates the metabolism so it’s win-win).

3. The Right Formula – Look for moisturizing formulas that will coat the hair shaft and lock out frizz. Even for fine hair, stay away from volumizers that end up boosting frizz. Many hair products contain alcohol, which strips moisture from hair so look for booze-free options.

Leave-in conditioner is another easy solution. Crack Styling Leave-In Treatment and Pureology Safe Guard Your Color also protect against UV damage for healthier hair in the long run.

4. Wet Hair – Most instructions say to apply products to damp or dry hair. When smoothing frizz is your goal, applying products to sopping wet hair provides the ultimate protection. Use your fingers to comb products from roots to ends. Then pat hair dry rather than rubbing it. An old t-shirt or microfiber towel is softer on hair than a towel.

Anti-Frizz-Products-5. Serum Solution – A lightweight serum is the must have product for frizzy hair and silicone is the key ingredient to look for. For coarse or thick hair, be generous with one of these fantastic frizz fighters:

Bumble and Bumble DeFrizz uses two kinds of silicone to creates a light, humidity-proof shield that stays shiny and sleek. The formula even works for hard to manage grey hair.

For fine or thin hair, a cream or lotion is the best choice. We love Redken Outshine 01 Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk which imparts added moisture with shea butter, perfect for color-treated hair. This is also great choice for wavy of curly hair, bringing out hair’s natural texture.

6. Drying Hair – The faster hair goes from wet to dry, the less frizz it will have. Air-drying hair contributes to frizziness because hair has more time to absorb moisture and humidity. For gorgeous hair, blow-drying is a must.

Blow dry hair from root to tip, drying close to the scalp about 70% before focusing on the ends. When drying the ends, use a brush to pull hair smooth. Keep in mind that your hair will stay the way you dry it. Make sure hair is 100% dry and finish with a blast of cold hair to set the style and seal the cuticle.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum is a fabulous product that actually reduces drying time, which is perfect for thick or long hair as well as minimizing damage from blow-drying. Apply a pump to damp hair, working product from ends to roots.

7. Change Your Brush – The purpose of your natural oils is to keep your scalp and hair moisturized. Make the most of this free conditioner with the right brush. A boar bristle brush distributes natural oils down the length of hair. The same brush works for blow-drying, daily brushing, and giving hair a smooth finish. For curly hair, use a wide tooth comb instead.

8. Inside-Out – The outdoor environment isn’t the only thing damaging to hair. Long hot showers, A/C, and heat all dry out hair. A humidifier will moisturize hair and skin.

9. Frizz-Friendly Styles – Frizz might be the enemy but hairstyle trends are on your side! Loose casual waves are still going strong and work with frizzy hair rather than against it. There are two easy ways to get the look – a or the super easy messy look.


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