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Spring has sprung! And with it, the official start of wedding season. With a whole host of flowers in bloom and pastel shades reigning supreme, spring weddings are some of the most stunning, but we know firsthand: That doesn’t make it any easier to know what to wear to a spring wedding. While you may be tempted to grab your prettiest sleeveless dress, it’s often quite chilly outside through May—sometimes, even June! That’s why we created this guide on what to wear to a spring wedding.

But before we share our shoppable list of spring wedding guest dresses (and a few chic alternatives, too!), we want to answer a few etiquette questions and offer you some quick tips on what to wear to a spring wedding.

Is there a certain color palette you have to stick to?

As designer Randi Rahm told us, “Most people say seasons are out the window, and I tend to agree.” We do, too! That said, pastel shades and floral prints will always make us think of spring, and when thinking about what to wear to a spring wedding, you won’t go wrong with either. But don’t be afraid to think outside the box! (Miranda Priestly would want you to.) Jewel tones, classic LBDs and slightly thicker materials are just as appropriate as spring wedding guest dresses.

So what are we saying? The world of  is your oyster! Just keep your wedding guest dresses for spring an appropriate length—fingertip-length at the shortest—and skip the white (bride’s shade only!), and you’ll be ready to celebrate.

But Seriously, What to Wear to a Cold Spring Wedding?

We feel you. While spring is gorgeous, it is a gamble weather-wise! There are, of course, the famous April showers, and temperatures are often stuck in the 60s—comfortable, but not exactly beach wedding attire weather. So how does a wedding guest stay warm skirt during a spring wedding? By following The Knot’s four tips on what to wear to a spring wedding:

  • Pack a shawl. You might be dying to wear your favorite summer cocktail formal skirt and top 2018 dress, and that’s fine! Just accessorize it with a warm shawl that you can drape around your shoulders, especially if any part of the wedding is outside.

  • Coats are cool, too. Just look at how they do it in Great Britain. Almost any lady attending a wedding finishes her ensemble with a chic coatdress, a topper that compliments the dress underneath so well, you never have to take it off.

  • Pump it up. Yes, spring sandals are adorable, but they won’t be keeping your toes warm at a garden wedding. Instead, stick to a pump that covers most of your foot. Odds are, they’ll also be easier to dance in, and if those spring showers roll through, you’ll be set on that front, too. (Peep-toes and slingbacks also work here.)

  • Rock those sleeves! As you surely recall, Kate Middleton got married in April, and do you remember what her Alexander McQueen dress boasted? Sleeves! Unlined lace sleeves like the duchess’ will add a touch of warmth to your ensemble without overheating you. Plus, they’re the epitome of class.

Now, it’s time to shop! Choose from our list of spring wedding guest dress types below:

Ladies, it’s time to get dressed up! Like every season, more often than not, an evening wedding is a black-tie affair, which means bringing out your formal best. Long dresses, embellished cocktail dresses and even formal jumpsuits are welcome here. Just add high heels and statement jewels—a colorful necklace or a pair of chandelier earrings—and you’ll be ready to step out in style.

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