Famous western cowgirls

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famous cowboys Annie Oakley

Birth Name: Phoebe Ann Oakley Moses

• Sharpshooter and exhibition shooter; starred in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show

Born: August 13, 1860 — Died: November 3, 1926 → Age: 40y 6m 3d (pernicious anemia)

famous cowboys Arkansas Tom Jones

Birth Name: Roy Daugherty

• Outlaw and a member of the Wild Bunch gang

Born: 1870 — Died: August 16, 1924 → Age: 54y (killed during a gunfight)

famous cowboys "Bat" Masterson

Birth Name: William Barclay Masterson

• Gunfighter, gambler, Wyatt Earp's deputy, newspaper columnist

Born: November 27, 1853 — Died: October 25, 1921 → Age: 67y 10m 28d (heart attack)

famous cowboys Belle Starr

(The Bandit Queen)

Birth Name: Myra Belle Shirley Reed Starr

• Rustling, horse stealing, bootlegging whiskey

Born: February 5, 1848 — Died: February 3, 1889 → Age: 40y 11m 29d (shot from ambush)

famous cowboys "Big Jim" Courtright

(Tim Isaiah)

Birth Name: Timothy Isaiah Courtright

• Lawman, outlaw and gunfighter

Born: 1848 — Died: February 8, 1887 → Age: 39y (shot in a gunfight)

famous cowboys Bill Doolin

Birth Name: William Doolin

• Bandit, founder of the Wild Bunch gang

Born: 1858 — Died: August 24, 1896 → Age: 38y (shot by US Marshall Heck Thomas)

famous cowboys Bill Pickett

(The Bull Dogger)

Birth Name: William Pickett

• Rodeo cowboy; introduced bulldogging

Born: December 5, 1870 — Died: April 2, 1932 → Age: 61y 3m 28d (kicked in the head by a horse)

famous cowboys Bill Tilghman

Birth Name: William Matthew "Bill" Tilghman, Jr.

• Deputy sheriff, gunfighter, saloon owner

Born: July 4, 1854 — Died: November 1, 1924 → Age: 70y 3m 28d (shot by a corrupt prohibition agent)

famous cowboys Billy the Kid

Birth Name: William Henry McCarty (Aka: Henry Antrim, William H. Bonney)

• Outlaw, gunfighter, member of the Regulators gang

Born: November 23, 1859 — Died: July 14, 1881 → Age: 21y 7m 21d (shot by Pat Garrett)

famous cowboys “Black Jack” Christian

Birth Name: William Christian

• Robber, killer, member of the "High Fives Gang"

Born: 1871 — Died: April 28, 1897 → Age: 26y (killed in gun fight with a posse)

famous cowboys “Black Jack” Ketchum

Birth Name: Thomas Edward Ketchum

• Cowboy turned robber, member of Hole in the Wall gang

Born: October 31, 1863 — Died: April 26, 1901 → Age: 37y 5m 26d (hanged)

famous cowboys Black Bart

Birth Name: Charles E. Boles (Also Bolles)

• Good-mannered stage coach robber

Born: 1829 — Died: February 28, 1888 → Age: 59y (unknown, last seen February 28, 1888)

famous cowboys Blue Duck

Birth Name: Sha-con-gah (Cherokee)

• Outlaw and boyfriend of Belle Starr

Born: June 17, 1859 — Died: May 7, 1895 → Age: 35y 10m 20d (tuberculosis)

famous cowboys Bob Dalton

Birth Name: Robert Rennick Dalton

• Train and bank robber (1)

Born: May 13, 1869 — Died: October 5, 1892 → Age: 23y 4m 22d (shot during a bank robbery)

famous cowboys Bob Ford

Birth Name: Robert Newton "Bob" Ford

• Outlaw; the man who shot Jesse James

Born: January 31, 1862 — Died: June 8, 1892 → Age: 30y 4m 8d (shotgun blast to the chest)

famous cowboys Bob Younger

Birth Name: Robert Ewing Younger

• Train and bank robber (2)

Born: October 29, 1853 — Died: September 16, 1889 → Age: 35y 10m 18d (tuberculosis in prison)

famous cowboys Bose Ikard

Birth Name: Bose Ikard

• Cowboy, helped in opening up the Goodnight-Loving Trail

Born: 1843 — Died: January 4, 1929 → Age: 86y (?)

famous cowboys Buffalo Bill

Birth Name: William Frederick Cody

• Organized Buffalo Bill's Wild West, an outdoor extravaganza

Born: February 26, 1846 — Died: January 10, 1917 → Age: 70y 10m 15d (kidney failure)

famous cowboys Burton Mossman

Birth Name: Burton W. Mossman

•  American lawman and cattleman in the final years of the Old West

Born: April 30, 1867 — Died: September 5, 1956 → Age: 89y 4m 6d (old age)

famous cowboys Butch Cassidy

Birth Name: Robert LeRoy Parker

• Robber; member of the Wild Bunch gang

Born: April 13, 1866 — Died: November 6, 1909 → Age: 43y 6m 24d (suicide while surrounded and trapped)

famous cowboys Calamity Jane

Birth Name: Martha Jane Cannary

• Sharpshooter, prospector, rowdy prostitute, gambler, heavy drinker

Born: May 1, 1852 — Died: August 1, 1903 → Age: 51y 3m d (alcoholism)

famous cowboys Captain Bill McDonald

Birth Name: William Jesse McDonald

• A Texas Ranger who served briefly as a bodyguard for both U.S. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson

Born: September 28, 1852 — Died: January 15, 1918 → Age: 65y 3m 18d (pneumonia)


famous cowboys Annie Oakley

Birth Name: Casey Duane Tibbs

• Cowboy, rodeo performer, and actor.

Born: March 5, 1929 — Died: January 28, 1990 → Age: 60y 10m 23d (lung cancer)

famous cowboys Charles Colcord

Birth Name: Charles Francis Colcord

• Successful cattlerancher, U.S. Marshal, Chief of Police, businessman, and pioneer of the Old West

Born: August 18, 1859 — Died: December 10, 1934 → Age: 75y 3m 22d (old age)

famous cowboys Charles Goodnight

Birth Name: Charles Goodnight

• Cattle-driver; founded the Goodnight-Loving Trail; invented the chuck wagon

Born: March 5, 1836 — Died: December 12, 1929 → Age: 57y 8m 23d (old age)

famous cowboys Charley Parkhurst

(One-Eyed Charley)

Birth Name: Charlotte Darkey Parkhurst

• American woman stagecoach driver, farmer and rancher, thought by all to be a man

Born: 1812 — Died: December 18.1879 → Age: 67 (tongue cancer)

famous cowboys Charlie Siringo

Birth Name: Charles Angelo Siringo

• Lawman, detective, and agent for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency

Born: February 7, 1855 — Died: October 18, 1928 → Age: 73y 8m 11d (bronchitis)

famous cowboys Chris Madsen

Birth Name: Christian "Chris" Madsen

• Danish born gunfighter; U.S. Deputy Marshal in Oklahoma; member of the Three Guardsmen crime fighers

Born: December 25, 1851 — Died: January 9, 1944 → Age: 92y 0m 15d (old age)

famous cowboys Chuck Roberson

Birth Name: Charles Hugh Roberson

• Cowboy, actor, and stuntman

Born: May 10, 1919 — Died: June 8, 1988 → Age: 69y 0m 29d (cancer)

famous cowboys Clark Floss

"Old Floss", "Old Chieftain"

Birth Name: Clark Floss

• Renowned stage driver and stage station owner

Born: 1825 — Died: August 1, 1885 → Age: 60y (old age)

famous cowboys Clay Allison

Birth Name: Robert Clay Allison

• Ruthless killer, gunfighter

Born: September 2, 1840 — Died: July 3, 1887 → Age: 46y 10m 1d (broken neck from accident)

famous cowboys Cole Younger

Birth Name: Thomas Coleman Younger

• Train and bank robber; lectured and toured with Frank James in a wild west show  (2)

Born: January 15, 1844 — Died: March 21, 1916 → Age: 72y 2m 6d (old age)

famous cowboys Connie Douglas Reeves

Birth Name: Connie Douglas

• Cowgirl who taught thousands of girls how to ride horses at Texas's Camp Waldemar

Born: September 26, 1901 — Died: August 17, 2003 → Age: 101y 10m 22d (thrown from a horse at age 101)

famous cowboys Conrad Kohrs

Birth Name: Carsten Conrad Kohrs

•  Montana cattle rancher (cattle baron) and politician

Born: August 5, 1835 — Died: July 23, 1920 → Age: 84y 11m 18d (old age)

famous cowboys Curly Bill Brocius

Birth Name: William "Curly Bill" Brocius

• Gunman, rustler and outlaw cowboy

Born: 1845 — Died: March 24, 1882 → Age: 37y (killed by Wyatt Earp)

famous cowboys Deadwood Dick

Birth Name: Nat Love

• Cowboy; won every competition and 0 prize at July 4, 1876 Deadwood cowboy contest

Born: June 14, 1854 — Died: 1921 → Age: 66y (?)

famous cowboys Doc Holliday

Birth Name: John Henry Holliday

• Dentist, gambler, and gunfighter; at the O.K. Corral gunfight

Born: August 14, 1851 — Died: November 8, 1887 → Age: 36y 2m 25d (consumption (tuberculosis))

famous cowboys Doc Scurlock

Birth Name: Josiah Gordon Scurlock

• Old West figure, cowboy and gunfighter

Born: January 11, 1849 — Died: July 25, 1929 → Age: 80y 9m 25d (heart attack)

famous cowboys Dutch Henry

Birth Name: Henry Borne

• Horse thief

Born: July 2, 1849 — Died: January 10, 1921 → Age: 80y 6m 14d (pneumonia)

famous cowboys Earl Bascom

Birth Name: Earl Wesley Bascom

• American painter, printmaker, rodeo performer and sculptor

Born: June19, 1906 — Died: August 28, 1995 → Age: 89y 2m 9d (old age)

famous cowboys Elfego Baca

Birth Name: Elfego Baca

• Lawman, lawyer, and politician; "Frisco Shootout" incident where Elfego faced 80 men firing 4,000 shots at the home where he was cornered

Born: February 10, 1865 — Died: August 27, 1945 → Age: 80y 6m 17d (old age)

famous cowboys Ella Watson

"Cattle Kate"

Birth Name: Ellen Liddy Watson

• Pioneer of Wyoming, accused of cattle rustling by powerful cattlemen

Born: July 2, 1861 — Died: July 20, 1889 → Age: 28y 0m 18d (hanged)

famous cowboys Emmett Dalton

Birth Name: Emmett Dalton

• Train and bank robber, real estate agent, author and actor  (1)

Born: May 3, 1871 — Died: July 13, 1937 → Age: 66y 2m 10d (fatal illness)

famous cowboys Frank Canton

Birth Name: Josiah Horner

• Lawman, gunslinger, cowboy and at one point in his life, an outlaw

Born: September 15, 1849 — Died: September 27, 1927 → Age: 78y 0m 12d (old age)


famous cowboys Frank Eaton

Birth Name: Frank Boardman "Pistol Pete" Eaton

• Author, cowboy, scout, Indian fighter, and Deputy U. S. Marshal

Born: October 26, 1860 — Died: April 8, 1958 → Age: 97y 5m 13d (old age)

famous cowboys Frank H. Matnard

Birth Name: Frank Henry Maynard

•  Claimed authorship of the revised version of the well-known ballad "The Streets of Laredo"

Born: December 16, 1853 — Died: March 28, 1926 → Age: 72y 3m 12d ( cardiovascular disease)

famous cowboys Frank James

Birth Name: Alexander Frank James

• Bank robber; rode with William Quantrill's raiders; later shoe salesman

Born: January 10, 1843 — Died: February 18, 1915 → Age: 72y 1m 8d (heart failure)

famous cowboys George Washington Littlefield

Birth Name: George Washington Littlefield

•  Confederate Army officer, cattleman, banker, and regent of the University of Texas

Born: June 27, 1842 — Died: November 10, 1920 → Age: 78y 4m 14d (old age)

famous cowboys George McJunkin

Birth Name: George McJunkin

• Cowboy, amateur archaeologist and historian

Born: 1851 — Died: January 21, 1922 → Age: 71y (old age)

famous cowboys George Scarborough

Birth Name: George Scarborough

• Cowboy and lawman and partner of Jeff Milton

Born: October 2, 1859 — Died: April 5, 1900 → Age: 40y 6m 3d (gun shot wound)

famous cowboys Grat Dalton

Birth Name: Gratton Hanley Dalton

• Train, bank robber  (1)

Born: March 30, 1861 — Died: October 5, 1892 → Age: 31y 6m 5d (shot during a bank robbery)

famous cowboys Heck Thomas

Birth Name: Henry A. Thomas

• Peace officer, tracked down and killed outlaw Bill Doolin

Born: January 3, 1850 — Died: August 15, 1912 → Age: 62y 7m 12d (Bright's disease)

famous cowboys Ike Clanton

Birth Name: Joseph Isaac Clanton

• Cattle rustler; involved in the Gunfight at the OK Corral

Born: 1847 — Died: June 1, 1887 → Age: 40y (shot dead resisting arrest)

famous cowboys Jedediah Smith

Jedediah Smith

Birth Name: Jedediah Strong Smith

• Hunter, trapper, fur trader and explorer of the American West Coast

Born: January 6, 1799 — Died: May 27, 1831 → Age: 31y 4m 21d (killed by Comanche Indians)

famous cowboys Jeff Milton

Birth Name: Jeff Milton

• Texas Ranger, Deputy US Marshal, Chief of Police in El Paso, Texas

Born: November 7, 1861 — Died: May 7, 1947 → Age: 85y 6m 0d (Natural cause)

famous cowboys Jesse Chisholm

Birth Name: Jesse Chisholm

• Indian trader, guide, and interpreter; namesake to the

Born: 1806 — Died: March 4, 1868 → Age: 62y (died of food poisoning)

famous cowboys Jesse James

Birth Name: Jesse Woodson James

• Bank and train robber, killer; member of outlaw Clement gang

Born: September 5, 1847 — Died: April 3, 1882 → Age: 34y 6m 29d (shot from the back by Robert Ford)

famous cowboys Jim Bridger

Birth Name: James Felix Bridger

• Mountain man, trappers, scouts and guides who explored and trapped the western U.S.

Born: March 17, 1804 — Died: July 17, 1881 → Age: 77y 4m 0d (old age)

famous cowboys Jim Younger

Birth Name: James Hardin Younger

• Rancher, train and bank robber  (2)

Born: January 15, 1848 — Died: October 19, western 1902 → Age: 54y 9m 4d (committed suicide)

famous cowboys John Wesley Hardin

Birth Name: John Wesley Hardin

• Gunfighter, killer; claimed to have killed 44 men

Born: May 26, 1853 — Died: August 19, 1895 → Age: 42y 2m 24d (shot in the back by lawman John Selman)

famous cowboys John Bozeman

Birth Name: John Merin Bozeman

• Pathfinder of the and founder of

Born: 1837 — Died: April 20, 1867 → Age: 30y (murdered)

famous cowboys John Simpson Chisum

Birth Name: John Simpson Chisum

• Cattle baron

Born: August 15, 1824 — Died: December 23, 1884 → Age: 60y 4m 8d (throat cancer)

famous cowboys John Ware

Birth Name: John Ware

• Remembered for his ability to ride and train horses

Born: 1845 — Died: September 12, 1905 → Age: 60y (killed in the fall when his horse tripped)

famous cowboys John Younger

Birth Name: John Harrison Younger

• Train and bank robber, killer  (2)

Born: 1851 — Died: March 17, 1874 → Age: 23y (shot in the neck)

famous cowboys Johnny Ringo

Birth Name: John Peters Ringo

• Robber, killer; member of Clanton gang

Born: May 3, 1850 — Died: July 13, 1882 → Age: 32y 2m 10d (gun shot suicide)

famous cowboys Kid Curry

Birth Name: Harvey Logan

• Outlaw, gunman, "wildest of the Wild Bunch"

Born: 1867 — Died: June 17, 1904 → Age: 37y (suicide during gun battle)


famous cowboys King Fisher

Birth Name: John King Fisher

• Gunfighter, gang leader, rancher

Born: 1854 — Died: March 11, 1884 → Age: 30y (shot as he leapt from a theater balcony)

famous cowboys Kit Carson

Birth Name: Christopher Houston Carson

• Scout, trapper; much involved with Indian affairs

Born: December 24, 1809 — Died: May 23, 1868 → Age: 58y 4m 29d (aortic aneurysm)

famous cowboys Kitty Canutt

Birth Name: Katherine Derre

• Bronco rider, known as "Diamond Kitty"

Born: July 15, 1899 — Died: June 3, 1988 → Age: 88y 10m 19d (?)

famous cowboys Lucille Mulhall

Birth Name: Lucille Mulhall

• One of the first women to compete with men in roping and riding events

Born: October 21, 1885 — Died: December 21, 1940 → Age: 55y 2m 0d (automobile accident)

famous cowboys Luke Short

Birth Name: Luke L. Short

• Noted gunfighter, who had worked as a farmer, cowboy, whiskey peddler, army scout, dispatch rider, gambler and saloon keeper

Born: January 22, 1854 — Died: September 8, 1893 → Age: 39y 7m 17d (congestive heart failure)

famous cowboys Nate Champion

Birth Name: Nate D. Champion

• Small rancher, falsely accused rustler.

Born: September 29, 1857 — Died: April 9, 1892 → Age: 34y 6m 11d (killed while being fighting off vigilantes)

famous cowboys Oliver Loving

Birth Name: Oliver Loving

• First cattledriver; founded the Goodnight-Loving Trail; "The Dean of Texas Trail Drivers"

Born: December 4, 1812 — Died: September 25, 1867 → Age: 54y 9m 21d (gangrene from a battle wound)

famous cowboys Pat Garrett

Birth Name: Patrick Floyd Garrett

• Sheriff in New Mexico, bartender, and customs agent; killed Billy the Kid

Born: June 5, 1850 — Died: February 28, 1908 → Age: 57y 8m 23d (shot during an argument)

famous cowboys Pawnee Bill

Birth Name: Gordon William Lillie

• Showman, created the Wild West show: "Pawnee Bill's Historic Wild West"; later joined with "Buffalo Bill" Cody

Born: February 14, 1860 — Died: February 3, 1942 → Age: 81y 11m 20d (died in his sleep)

famous cowboys Perry Owens

Birth Name: Commodore Perry Owens

• Arizona lawman and gunfighter

Born: July 29, 1852 — Died: May 10, 1919 → Age: 66y 9m 11d (Bright's disease)

famous cowboys Richard King

Birth Name: Richard King

• Riverboat captain, entrepreneur and founder of the King Ranch

Born: July 10, 1824 — Died: April 14, 1885 → Age: 60y 9m 4d (stoMarch cancer)

famous cowboys Annie Oakley

Birth Name: Ruth Scantlin

• Professional bronco rider, and world champion rodeo performer

Born: 1896 — Died: June 26, 1986 → Age: 90y (?)

famous cowboys Sam Bass

Birth Name: Sam Bass

• Train robber

Born: July 21, 1851 — Died: July 21, 1878 → Age: 27y (gun shot wounds)

famous cowboys Mary Fields

Birth Name: Mary Fields

• Mail carrier, driving a mail route by stagecoach in Montana

Born: 1832 — Died: 1914 → Age: 82y (liver failure)

famous cowboys Sundance Kid, the

Birth Name: Harry Alonzo Longabaugh

• Robber; member of the Wild Bunch gang

Born: 1867 — Died: November 6, 1909 → Age: 42y (suicide while surrounded and trapped)

famous cowboys "Texas Jack" Vermillion

Birth Name: John Wilson Vermillion

• Gunfighter, soldier, lawman, outlaw, Methodist preacher; participated in the

Born: 1842 — Died: 1911 → Age: 69y (died peacefully in his sleep)

famous cowboys "Texas John" Slaughter

Birth Name: John Slaughter

• Civil War veteran, trail-driver, cattleman, Texas Ranger, sheriff, gambler, and state representative

Born: October 2, 1841 — Died: February 16, 1922 → Age: 80y 4m 14d (stroke)

famous cowboys Texas Jack

Birth Name: John Baker Omohundro

• Frontier scout, actor, and cowboy; first performer to do roping acts on stage

Born: July 26, 1846 — Died: June 28, 1880 → Age: 33y 11m 2d (pneumonia)

famous cowboys Tom Horn

Birth Name: Tom Horn (Aka: James Hicks)

• Lawman, scout, soldier, hired gunman, detective, outlaw and assassin

Born: November 21, 1860 — Died: November 20, 1903 → Age: 42y 11m 30d (hanged)

famous cowboys Wild Bill Hickok

Birth Name: James Butler Hickok

• Marksman, professional gambler, gunfighter, scout, lawman

Born: May 27, 1837 — Died: August 2, 1876 → Age: 39y 2m 6d (shot in the back of the head)

famous cowboys Will Rogers


Birth Name: William Penn Adair Rogers

• Humorist, social commentator, vaudeville performer, actor, newspaper columnist

Born: November 7, 1879 — Died: August 5, 1935 → Age: 55y 8m 29d (plane crash over Alaska)

famous cowboys William Longley

Birth Name: William Preston Longley

• Outlaw, ruthless and ill-tempered gunfighter; killed at least 32 people

Born: October 6, 1851 — Died: October 11, 1878 → Age: 27y 0m 5d (hanged)

famous cowboys Wyatt Earp

Birth Name: Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp

• Lawman, gambler; in gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Tombstone, Arizona

Born: March 19, 1848 — Died: January 13, 1929 → Age: 80y 9m 25d (natural causes)


  Note 1:  Dalton brothers gang included George "Bitter Creek" Newcomb, "Blackfaced" CharlieBryant, Bill Doolin, Dick Broadwell, and Bill Powers.

  Note 2:  The Younger gang included Clell Miller, Arthur McCoy, Charlie Pitts, John Jarrette,and Bill Chadwell.

  Not included are eastern pioneers, such as Daniel Boone, because they belong to, shall we say, the Old East.
Sources for much of this information here is from and various.

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