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From his sunglasses and Hawaiian shirt to his suede moccasins, Brad Pitt is looking very appropriate to the fashion of 1969 in engagement this photo from the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He plays a stuntman wannabe actor and Leonardo DiCaprio plays his out of work actor buddy. Director Quentin Tarantino has assembled an impressive roster of actors for the movie, which takes place during the time of the Manson murders. We imagine it must be a fun set to work on and Brad could use a little cheering up.

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Janice Dickinson smooches her psychiatrist husband of two years, Robert Gerner, after she lost a complicated lawsuit against Ryan Seacrest’s reality series Shahs of Sunset. Two years ago, Janice was backstage preparing to model a silver romper for LA Fashion Week and the Shahs series happened to be filming there. At one point GG remarked that it appeared that “Janice Dickinson stole the outfit I was supposed to be wearing!” Janice did NOT find it funny and sued everyone involved, including NBC Universal. After two years of legal hassling, Janice lost. We’re guessing Robert paid all those legal fees…

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Johnny Depp is in Switzerland promoting his new film Richard Says Goodbye (destined for VOD) and he’s not happy about the reputation his ex-wife Amber Heard has given him. Ironically, the movie has been described as “romanticizing macho male dysfunction“ and Johnny plays a disreputable professor. Depp desperately wants to clean up the image Amber Heard gave him when she accused him of alcohol abuse and a violent temper. They are both going back to court because Depp intends to prove she faked abuse allegations against him – does he really want to open that can of worms again?
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A few years ago, Weird Science star Kelly LeBrock revealed that she was writing a book about her life and promised details about her toxic marriage to Steven Seagal, which ended when he got their nanny pregnant. (Kelly said she waited until her children were grown to talk about their father.) At that time he had already been accused of sexual improprieties (including rape) and since then, many more women have come forward with charges of sexual misconduct and assault. But the book never materialized! Was Kelly pressured by her creepy ex NOT to write it? Will we EVER know the truth?

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Brigitte Neilsen, 55, and her husband Mattia Dessi, 39, and her son Douglas Meyer, 25, had lunch together in Beverly Hills. Douglas is her son with her fourth husband Raoul Meyer – she has three other grown sons. In June, Brigitte gave birth to her first daughter, Frida, with her current husband of fourteen years, Mattia. She speaks several languages, so Brigitte has made quite a living doing reality shows in the US, Italy, Germany, and Denmark. Brigitte, Mattia and Frida are currently living in Palm Springs.

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Bradley Cooper and his partner Irina Shayk have a lot to celebrate. His movie, A Star is Born, is a bonafide hit and most important of all, it solidifies his future as a director. His performance in the melodramatic movie as a nice guy who happens to be an alcoholic is so on target it almost smells like an Oscar. Keep in mind that the film is fun at times, but in the long run, quite depressing. You are more likely to walk out of it sobbing than singing, so if you’re looking for a good time, this might not be your movie.

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Like it or not girls, this is what your hair will be looking like within a year or so. Almost without exception, Madonna debuts a hairstyle first and eventually all levels of stylists and their customers pick up on it. (A historical search of Madonna photos will verify this fact.) Currently she has grown her hair long and often wears braids, but when the braids are combed out, she has these tight little waves. On the upside, it’s low maintenance for her visits to Malawe, Africa.

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Bella Thorne is only 20 and she grew up in Florida, so you have to cut her some slack, but her personal offscreen style is dreadful. Bella looks great on film – she’s a natural beauty and the Hollywood pros know how to dress her and go easy on the makeup. On her own time she lays the face paint on with a trowel, and makes herself look much older. She longs to be cool but ends up dressing overtly sexy and looks far from hip – just tacky. THIS is what she wore to promote her new movie I Still See You.

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Paris Fashion Week further illustrated the inevitable evolution from fancy haute couture to athletic inspired streetwear. We cannot resist Japanese fashion and Sacai is one of our select few fantasy designers. (We fanaticize about buying some) Sacai incorporates many of our favorite things: plaid, military inspiration, and asymmetry, plus there is a functional element. If we could splurge on anything from the Spring 2019 collection, it would be this.

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The announcement today that Ansel Elgort has been cast to play Tony in Steven Spielberg’s “updated” version of West Side Story, leads to SO MANY questions! In the original West Side Story, the gangs of disaffected youth were cool but not dangerous, except for an occasional rumble. But NOW the gangs like The Latin Kings or Harlem Crips are psychopathic criminals capable of unthinkable violence! Is there any room for a sweet romance? Personally, we fell in love with slick Bernardo in the original film and haven’t lost our taste for Latinos. We never forgot him in that purple shirt and black shiny hair at the big dance. Who could play THIS key role? Any suggestions? Is this remake an awful idea?

Photo: George Chakiris as Bernardo and the Sharks

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