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Handmade Diamond Engagement Rings

Looking for a hand-crafted engagement ring? Something that is truly and uniquely yours? From classic designs to something totally modern, come and talk to us about the ring you dream of round being slipped on your finger. We can create a unique design for you that you will treasure for eternity. All lovingly made by our hands to be worn proudly on yours.

We do all our work in our Melbourne design studio. From the initial design to the finished work, your ring will never leave our hands. We work to the highest standards to create a ring of singular beauty that will last for the ages.



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Solitaire Engagement Rings (Single Stone)

The Solitaire is the most classic of all engagement rings. A single Sapphire or Diamond set in a ring, all on its own, so that you may gaze at its sparkling beauty for eternity. Solitaires most often feature round “brilliant cut” diamonds, but you may choose yours from any other fancy shape, including Emerald Cut, Princess Cut, Marquise Cut, Asscher Cut, Heart Shaped, Pear Shape, Radiant Cut or a Cushion Cut diamond.

At MDTdesign, we will help you choose the band and the setting that best suits you and will show off your stone in all its dazzling beauty. The choices can be a little overwhelming so we’ll help guide you through the options until you discover a ring that you will call your own.

Trilogy Engagement Rings (Multi-Stone)

Choosing a trilogy of 3 or more diamonds or other gemstones gives you an endless array of ring styles to make your choice from.

You can select one single “solitaire” diamond as your feature stone, accompanied by smaller diamonds set in the “shoulders” of the ring. Or create a 3 or 5 stone ring from a combination of different shaped stones – 3 Round or Princes Cut or 1 Round Cut in the centre with Pears on the side. You could also choose a sapphire in the centre and complement it with colourless diamonds on the side to help lift the sapphire and make it stand out even more.

You can even choose a single stone with diamonds set into the band in channel set, claw set, grain set or pave set styles. (Ask us, we’ll show you what they mean!)





Halo Design Engagement Rings

If you love the idea of a single stone, of any shape, with one or more rows of diamonds around it, then you are dreaming of a Halo engagement ring.

Originally “halo” engagement rings were designed to create the illusion of a larger looking diamond than if it were just set on its own. At MDTdesign we’ll help you design a ring featuring a centre stone of diamond or sapphire, surrounded by a halo of other beautiful stones to help enhance its beauty.

Coloured Diamonds Engagement Rings

Where once there were only white diamonds, now you can select from a brilliant array of Pink, Champagne and Cognac Australian Argyle diamonds or even Ellendale Yellow diamonds, which are among the most coveted coloured diamonds in the world.

The varying intensities of colour and differing hues make each stone truly unique and are what determines its value. Once you’ve chosen your favourite coloured diamond we won’t be surprised if you want to surround it with a halo of white diamonds to enhance its beauty and colour and create a truly eye-catching ring you’ll want to show off again and again.

Coloured Stone Engagement Rings

If colour is what you seek in your engagement ring, you can go beyond diamonds. We carry a large selection of sapphires in different colours and origins, from Australian to Ceylon origin Sapphires, as well as pink and green Burmese or Mozambique Rubies.

While some people love the brilliant green of Emeralds we don’t normally recommend them for engagement rings as they can be brittle and may be easily damaged with everyday wear. (Diamonds and sapphire are the hardest and longest lasting stones making them the most popular choice for engagement rings.

If you choose a coloured stone we recommend a halo of white diamonds to draw more attention to the centre stone and make it a focal point of your ring.

Tension Set Engagement Rings

At MDTdesign we helped pioneer the contemporary trend for tension set diamonds (or floating diamonds as they are also called).

As we hand-make 100% of our jewellery we have the advanced technical skill and knowledge required to ensure your diamond is securely held in place simply by the tension of the metal we have hand-worked to create your ring.

Tension setting enables light to enter your diamond from all angles, allowing all the natural brilliance and sparkle of your diamond to shine like never before. You simply won’t believe it, till you see it.

Setting the diamond this way means we can create for you stunning new ring designs that have a much more modern and contemporary look.

Multi Stone Rings

Whether you desire diamonds set in a cluster or a row along the band, multi stone rings can be a beautifully different way to show off your personal style. Mix and match diamonds of different colours or even different stones for a truly unique look that will be unlike any other ring you’ve ever seen.

Sapphire Rings

Do you dream of something modern, yet different? A well-cut sapphire can show off stunning colour that is sure to make you the centre of attention. Ask to see our stunning rangeof pink, yellow and blue sapphires today.

Solitaire Rings

You’ll love the eternal elegance that only solitaire engagement rings can bring. Let us hand-craft you a classic single stone ringin a vintage or modern look and you’ll see why solitaire settings are the perfect choice.

Pink Diamond Rings

Want a diamond that’s different? Pink diamond engagement rings are still a rarity and will ensure your ring stands out from the crowd. Pink diamonds are often smaller in size than white diamonds, and look beautiful on their own or as a complement to a white diamond.

Tension Set Rings

Tension settings give your diamond an illusion of floating within the ring, creating a truly modern engagement ring. With light free to strike the diamond from every angle, tension settings let diamonds sparkle more brilliantly.

Yellow Diamond Rings

It’s amazing how a yellow diamond in your ring hints at glamour and romance. Yellow diamond rings are sophisticated and fashionable while being timeless in their design.


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