Black hair from the back 2018

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October black hair from the back 2018 12, 2018

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Hola Chicas!
So I've been vegan off and on for the last year, and stay sharing pics of my favorite dishes on IG.  The DMs and emails have been so serious, that I thought I'd share here!

October 11, 2018

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I wish my hair would stop growing...said no one, ever. Curly and wavy women especially can relate. Even when our hair grows at a normal rate, tight curl and wave patterns make it seem as if the length barely budges. Sigh.
But before you Google “hair growth supplements”, we need to have a chat. Slow-to-grow hair probably isn’t the reason you’re longing for Rapunzel-level length (or just a lob that makes it past your shoulders). As we age, hair can become thinner and even starting falling out, which often tricks us into thinking that our length is the problem. These nine supplements have been shown to promote thicker, stronger hair that looks fuller, healthier, and yes, longer.

October 11, 2018

drugstore products

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Whether it’s makeup, hair, beauty, or skin, the drugstore is that tried and true friend who’s always got you covered. We all know the beauty aisle is filled with a variety of go-to and lesser-known brands, most of which rival high-end products. Ready to change up your look or try something new? Here are some drugstore beauty products to look out for this season, because you deserve to look luxurious on any budget.

All of these products are available at stores such as Walmart, Ulta, CVS, and Target.

October 10, 2018

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If your deep conditioning sessions consist of a lot of trial and even more error, then you need these no-fuss dos and don'ts of successful deep conditioning:

October 10, 2018

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Calling all curly coily ladies out there! Are your curls thirsty? Has harsh weather made your hair stiff? You might be overlooking a great natural ingredient that could be your saving grace. Aloe vera is known to promote shine and moisture in hair while also preventing hair loss and dandruff. Grab products with aloe vera or some all natural aloe vera gel to benefit from this amazing plant! Why should you? So glad you asked.


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