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Find the latest most popular hair color ideas here! Try the latest most popular latest dye trend – the French Balayage hair! It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, hardly any of us had heard of balayage hair – A technique for highlig

nails src="" alt="How to Rock Makeup for Brown Eyes (Makeup Ideas & Tutorials)">

Brown eyes are beautiful in a unique way. Many people think that brown eyes are the least colorful of all possible eye colors. However, brown eyes can actually include many different colors, including flecks and undertones of gold, copper, orange, and even gr

Ombre Lips

Ombré lips is one of the current biggest makeup trends. Who wouldn’t want acrylic nails designs tumblr to try this two-toned trend? Ombré lips are beautiful to the point of mesmerizing, and they add an eye-catching twist to an area of your makeup where you don’t always ha

5 Tips on How to Achieve the Perfect Beach-Ready Makeup

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for endless beach days spent reading and relaxing by the bright blue shoreline. However, with summer beach days come makeup struggles. Deciding how to apply your makeup before you go to the beach can be extremely

Ready for an exciting, new gallery of gorgeous short haircuts? Come in and browse the latest hairstyles and color trends worn by your favorite celebrities – they are all fabulous. With fresh color and styling techniques, edgy cuts and the amazing, new metall

Foundation is an important element of anyone’s makeup collection. It helps smooth your skin, cover imperfections, and provide an evenly colored and textured finish to your skin. Every individual’s skin tone is unique and requires different foundat

Grey Blue and Red Hair


The style stakes are in, and it would seem that this summer is all about having two-toned hair. We can see why two tones are all the rage right now, after all, why settle for one shade when you can rock two? There is no shortage of style ideas when it comes to

5 Tips On Achieving The Perfect Heatless Hair Look

Straightening or curling your hair every day can feel tedious. Plus putting that much heat on your hair every single day isn’t good for it either. Using any kind of heated tools on your hair can lead to heat damage which takes a toll on your hair. The b

7 Great Dupes For Popular Expensive Beauty Products

via If you’re an avid beauty lover, chances are you’re desperate to keep up with the latest trends and popular beauty products. However, purchasing expensive, high-end makeup products every time your favorite brand releases something new can real

Brown and Blonde Curls with Side Parting


We never thought we’d see the day where girls around the world were envying their grandma’s hairstyles. However, these days, silvery locks aren’t just for the over 50s. If you’ve been following hair fashion over the past few seasons, then you’re

The Ultimate Guide to Rock Denim - How to Wear Denim

Denim isn’t just for plain, straight-legged jeans. You can wear denim in many ways throughout the entirety of your outfit to add some traditional charm to your look in unexpected places. Keep reading to discover seven ways to rock denim that will get

7 Tips to Hide Your Bra Straps

If you’re a female over the age of twelve, chances are you wear a bra. Bras are a necessity that we’re glad to have around to lift and support our chests, but they can be incredibly frustrating when they peek out underneath your new backless dress

10 Stunning Natural Makeup Looks

Makeup is our favourite thing to play with. Inside our makeup bags are the tools which paint our faces into thousands of different looks. Not only helping self esteem, but completing the finishing touches for any outfit. Some of our favourite makeup looks are

These days, the internet has so many pictures of pets that are fashionable. The pets express their owners’ personality and personal style and so their owners and fashion brands are trying their best to give them the best look ever. Ten of the most fashionabl

How to Strengthen Your Nails

Maybe your nails are weak, thin, and dented after years of relentless acrylic nail application. Maybe you were just born with thin nails that break off easily. Whatever the reason, many people are constantly frustrated with the weakness of their nails, especia

Trendy Hair Color Ideas - Blonde & Black Hairstyles

Blonde and black hairstyles started with rock stars who wanted a look that was totally different and unconventional.  And now that unconventionality is the key look for the 21st century, blonde and black hairstyles are becoming main-stream for lots of trendy

Beachy Aqua Manicures For Summer

Are you heading to the beach this summer and looking for the perfect manicure? Maybe you are just hanging by the pool and want a beachy look to go along with your summer plans. Maybe you are staying home and just want the beach to come to you. Aqua manicures m

Let’s face it: staying healthy on vacation can be a hassle and a challenge. When you get into vacation mode, eating daily salads and fitting enough cardio into your schedule is much more difficult than when you’re in your own home. Fortunately, the

7 Tips For Using Color Correcting Makeup

Color correcting makeup can help cancel out your uneven skin tone. It allows you to create a smooth, even base over which you can apply your regular foundation and other skin makeup. If you’re unsure of how to use color correcting makeup, keep reading to

7 Ways to Exercise That Are More Fun Than a Treadmill

Exercise should be an important part of your daily routine. Daily exercise, especially cardio exercise, helps keep your body healthy and your skin, hair, and nails beautiful and glowing. However, exercise can easily be the worst part of your day. Many peopl

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