2018 spring street style trends for women

Date: 24.10.2018, 00:35 / Views: 41545

2018 spring street style trends for women 71. Bright eyes, searches +63% | Targetable interests: Eye makeup, eyeshadows, eyeliner, eye palette

72. Hair extremes, searches +130% | Targetable interests: Haircuts, short haircuts, short hairstyle, pixie cuts, long hairstyle, styles for long hair, short thick hair, very short hair, pixie cut hairstyles, super long hair

73. Lip tints, searches, +414% | Targetable interests: Matte lipsticks, lip stains, lip makeup

74. Bold hair textures, searches +166% | Targetable interests: Curls, curly hairstyles, natural curly hair, short curly hair, finger waves, beach waves, short wavy hair, permed hairstyle, straight hair

75. Makeup for all complexions, searches +378% | Targetable interests: natural makeup, foundation, concealer, tinted moisturizer

76. Makeup kits, searches +147% | Targetable interests: Makeup palette, makeup organization, eye palette, lip palette, foundation sets, lip sets

77. Facial rollers, searches +345% | Targetable interests: Scrubs, exfoliators, dry skin skincare, body scrubs, body exfoliants, body buffing brush

78. Lashes, searches +152% | Targetable interests: Eyelashes, eyelashes makeup, eyelash curler

79. Cleansing oils, searches +555% | Targetable interests: Nail oil, hair oil, essential oils, body oils, cleanser

80. Geometric manicures, searches +83% | Targetable interests: Nail care, nail designs, nail art, nude nails, fall nails, winter nails, spring nails

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